Aspiring Assistant SENDCo The Coleshill School, Birmingham, Warwickshire

Job description

To assist in leading and managing the provision of special educational needs learning support; and to take on the role of Aspiring Assistant SENDCo to support high quality teaching, effective use of resources, and high standards of learning and achievement for all pupils

Essential educational requirements

A good degree in a related subject, or equivalent

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status
Have passed the relevant professional skills test in numeracy, literacy and ICT

Essential skills and experience

Have a knowledge and understanding of a range of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies and know how to use and adapt them.
Know the assessment requirements for the subject/curriculum areas you are trained to teach.
Have a secure knowledge and understanding of your subjects/curriculum areas and related pedagogy to enable effective teaching across the age and ability range.
Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the implication of equality, inclusion and multi-cultural education.
Thorough knowledge of the SEN Code of Practice, assessment procedures and the allocation of support and resources
Knowledge of differentiation across curricular areas in order to meet the needs of all students
In depth knowledge and understanding of tracking and monitoring student progress
Awareness of Local Authority procedures and support services
Experience of classroom observations and feedback
Awareness of Examination Access Arrangements

Employee benefits

TLR2B £4657 per annum

About The Coleshill School

Coventry Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire, B46 3EX
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