Assistant Principal Winton Academy, Bournemouth, Dorset

Job description

The role of the Assistant Principal is crucial in ensuring the creation of an environment in which students and staff can learn and thrive together. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Assistant Principal is expected to work alongside the Principal in defining and articulating the vision and shared values for the Academies and then implementing the vision and ethos through planning and good communication, ensuring that the views and opinions of stakeholders are sought as appropriate. The Academies aim to ensure that leadership is developed at all levels, with creativity, autonomy and innovation positively encouraged. It is expected at the level of Assistant Principal that the post holder can demonstrate outstanding leadership skills by working with individuals and teams to develop policy and practice that will achieve positive outcomes.

Main Core Duties:
• Is able to influence mathematical strategy and pedagogy across the Academies and within the United Learning Trust
• To line manage a range of middle leaders across the Academies
• To contribute to raising standards of achievement and maximising student attainment in all subjects across Glenmoor & Winton Academies
• Identify challenges and expectations of leadership in designated areas of responsibility and take the lead in new developments to enable the Academies to meet changing needs
• Identify desired outcomes and success criteria and provide a clear model of what is expected for the implementation of change in designated areas of responsibility
• Share the vision, ensuring senior and middle leaders recognise and understand their participation in the learning process and provide training and support to manage the change
• Play a major part in securing outstanding classroom practice across the Academies
• Update, and present to the Governing Body, any policies in designated senior areas of responsibility
• Act as line manager and mentor to designated subject areas, supporting as appropriate and aiding the development of key documentation and implementation of policy
• Assist with whole school data analysis to determine how well the Academies are performing and assist with target setting as appropriate
• Organise and contribute to whole school self-evaluation and review processes as appropriate
• To be committed to the safeguarding of children across the Multi Academy Trust

Curriculum Provision:
• To assist the Head of mathematics in order to ensure that the mathematics curriculum provides a range of teaching and learning which complements the Academies strategic objectives and pupil achievement
• To be involved at senior level with a curriculum that meets the needs of all learners and is fit for purpose in the ever changing secondary educational landscape

Staff Development:
• To take part in the school’s staff development programme by participating in arrangements for further training and professional development both at Glenmoor & Winton and within United Learning
• To continue personal development in the relevant areas including system leadership, influencing from afar, coaching, mentoring and leading in the effective implementation of pedagogy at senior level
• To engage actively in the appraisal review process at Glenmoor & Winton
• To work as a member of a designated team and to contribute positively to effective working relations within the schools across the trust as required

Quality Assurance:
• To adhere to and to help to implement school and group wide quality procedures
• To contribute to the process of monitoring and evaluation of departments in line with Trust procedures, including evaluation against quality standards and performance criteria
• To implement modifications and improvement where required to the teaching and learning demonstrated across the Academies
• To take part, as may be required, in the review, development and management of activities relating to the mathematics curriculum, organisation and structure

• To teach students mathematics according to their educational needs
• To use and share teaching strategies which will engage and challenge students appropriate to their needs and the demands of the mathematics syllabus
• To undertake a designated programme of teaching at Glenmoor & Winton Academies
• To ensure a high quality learning experience for students which meets internal and external quality standards
• To maintain good order, discipline and respect for others; to promote understanding of the school and Trusts rules and values; to encourage good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, standards of work; to safeguard health and safety and to develop relationships with and between students conducive to optimum learning
• To undertake assessment of students as requested by external examination bodies, department and school/ United Learning procedures

Management Information:
• To maintain appropriate records and to provide relevant accurate and up-to-date information for the work completed as a successful member of the senior leadership team
• To smile, laugh and demonstrate a sense of humour. Senior posts require high levels of effort and dedication. It is important to laugh in order to enjoy the role to its fullest

Other specific duties:
• To play a full part in the life of the school, community and Multi Academy Trust to support its strategic commitment, purpose and intent and to encourage staff and students to follow this example
• To promote actively the school and United Learning policies
• To actively engage in the school and United Learnings self-review and evaluation processes
• To attend meetings as determined and directed by the line manager and Principal
• To undertake any other duty as specified by the line manager and Principal
• To comply with United Learnings procedures concerning safeguarding and to ensure that training is accessed when appropriate

Essential educational requirements


Essential qualifications


Essential skills and experience

Is able to influence mathematical strategy and pedagogy and deliver effectively the mathematics curriculum

Can evidence effective leadership of a team of staff and the outcomes achieved because of this leadership

Is willing to work as part of a successful senior leadership team at the Academies

Is a confident and an articulate teaching professional who is able to share their passion for leadership with students and staff as well as other senior leaders at the Academies

Is an excellent classroom practitioner with an understanding of good teaching and how children learn with experience of teaching Mathematics

Is able to evidence outstanding teaching and learning in current role and GCSE results which reflect this over a sustained period of time

Is able to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and lead on whole Academy responsibilities

Demonstrates a high level of professionalism at all times and is a role model for others

About Winton Academy

Winton Academy is an 11-16 high performing school situated in the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth. Winton is an all boys secondary school which is co-located with Glenmoor Academy.

Winton Way, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 4HT
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