Class Teacher Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy, London

Job description

Areas of Responsibility and Key Tasks

Planning, Teaching and Classroom Management
Teach allocated pupils by planning their teaching to achieve progression of learning through:

• Identifying clear teaching objectives and specifying how they will be taught and assessed
• Setting tasks which challenge pupils and ensure high levels of motivation and interest
• Setting appropriate and demanding expectations
• Setting clear targets, building on prior attainment
• Identifying SEN and more able pupils
• Providing clear structures for lessons, maintaining pace, motivation and challenge
• Making effective use of assessment and ensuring coverage of programmes of study
• Ensuring effective teaching and best use of available time
• Monitoring and intervening to ensure sound learning and discipline
• Using a variety of teaching methods to:

i) match approach to content, structure information, present a set of key ideas and use appropriate vocabulary
ii) use effective questioning, listen carefully to pupils, give attention to errors and misconceptions
iii) select appropriate learning resources and develop study skills through library, ICT and other sources

• Ensure pupils acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught
• Evaluate own teaching critically to improve effectiveness

Additional Responsibilities

• Maintain a well organised, tidy classroom
• Ensure that the classroom environment is stimulating and attractive through displays and use of resources
• Ensure that there is key vocabulary for the curriculum areas, including a clear focus on Literacy and Numeracy
• Ensure that agreed school policies are followed and understood
• Ensure that the school’s positive behavior policy is consistently reinforced
• Ensure that the school’s Racial Equality and Equal Opportunity policies are adhered to at all times
• Ensure that through planning and discussion effective use is made of any additional adult support in the class in order to promote children’s learning
• Liaise and meet with parents wherever appropriate, and attend parent consultation evenings
• Provide regular written reports as part of the required professional role
• Attend weekly staff meetings
• Ensure that the school’s Health & Safety procedures are followed and adhered to at all times.

This job description will be reviewed as part of the performance management review cycle and can be amended at any time following discussion between the Principal and member of staff.

Essential educational requirements

• Have knowledge and experience of the curriculum and of good primary practice
• Support the aims and ethos of the school
• Have understanding of and proven commitment to equality of opportunity
• Be responsible for the educational, emotional and social development of every child in the group or class allocated to the professional at any time in the academic year

Essential qualifications

• Have DfE Qualified Teacher Status
• Possess recognised, relevant qualifications relating to the post for which they are applying or are appointed to

Essential skills and experience

•Demonstrate evidence of successful professional (teaching) practice
•Year 5 experience required.
•SEND experience could be an advantage.
•Demonstrate a sound understanding of assessment
•Demonstrate an understanding of children’s development and the ability to recognize and respond to the individuality of children in their care
•Demonstrate an awareness of the process of inspection, monitoring and observation and how these processes contribute to the overall evaluation of a school
• Demonstrate an understanding of the role of Governors
•Demonstrate a willingness to lead – lessons, external visits, meetings, colleagues, meetings etc.
•Demonstrate an understanding of how best to support and develop other adults
•Demonstrate an awareness of national trends and developments
•Demonstrate an understanding of modern teaching techniques
•Demonstrate evidence of commitment to personal and professional development

Employee benefits

CHAT has a free onsite car park for staff and a subsidised canteen for lunches. CHAT have a cash benefits scheme through Health Shield and can offer a generous pensions scheme through the TPS.

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