Class Teacher - Year 1 and 2 Blacko Primary School, Nelson, Lancashire

Job description

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning, Teaching and Class Management:
• To take responsibility for planning and implementing appropriate work programmes for all children in the designated class, within the framework of national and school policies, taking into account individual pupils’ needs
• Make effective use of assessment information on pupils’ attainment and progress and in planning future lessons
• To work closely with colleagues to undertake medium and short-term planning and the implementation of agreed schemes of work
• Set tasks which challenge pupils and are matched to their learning needs
• Plan lessons in a way that will interest and engage all learners
• Ensure effective teaching and best use of available time
• To foster each child’s self-image and esteem and establish relationships which are based on mutual respect and cooperative learning
• Create a learning environment which develops high levels of resilience, confidence and independence in learners when they tackle challenging activities
• Have high expectations of achievement and behaviour
• Give every child the opportunity to achieve their full potential
• To ensure that the school’s aims and objectives in relation to the curriculum, equal opportunities and positive learning behaviour are promoted in everyday classroom organisation and practice

Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting:
• To ensure that marking, planning and all other school procedures are carried out rigorously
• Assess how well learning objectives have been achieved through marking and monitoring of work, questioning and discussion with pupils, and use this assessment to plan next steps
• Set targets for progress and ensure learners understand what they are doing well and how to improve
• Assess and record pupils' progress systematically and keep records to check work is understood and completed; to monitor strengths and weaknesses; to inform planning and to recognise the level at which the pupil is achieving
• Prepare and present informative reports to parents, senior staff and other professionals as required
• Ensure parents are well informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress of their child and the contribution they can make to support their child’s progress
• Participate in Parents’ Evenings and meetings with other involved professionals

Responsibility for Curriculum Development - Subject leader (Not NQTs):
• Lead the development of curricular materials, schemes of work, policy documents, teaching programmes and assessment strategies
• Keep abreast of national/local initiatives
• Manage a budget for area/s of responsibility

Responsibility towards other members of staff:
• Contribute towards the professional development of members of staff
• Manage and supervise support staff working in the classroom
• Attend and contribute to school assemblies
• To work as part of a team in all aspects of school development and take an active role in school life, attending and participating in school events

Responsibility to Self:
• Continue own professional development by attending relevant In-Service training, reading and by assessing and reviewing own methods of teaching
• Participate in Performance Management procedures
• Prioritise and manage own time effectively, particularly in relation to balancing the demands made by teaching and involvement in school development
• To uphold the school’s behaviour code

Responsibility towards School Development:
• Participate in discussions leading to the development of whole school policies
• Be mindful of the school’s Aims
• Share the corporate responsibility for the well-being of all pupils
• Strive to maintain good order on a whole-school level in line with the school’s Discipline policy
• Lead by example by setting high standards in relationships with others
• To set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance

Other Wider Professional Requirements:
• Attend relevant staff and team meetings
• To support the aims and ethos of the school
• Understand fully the duties and responsibilities in relation to child protection and safeguarding children and young people
• Understand fully the school’s safeguarding and child protection policy and to ensure that all issues relating to pupils’ safeguarding are reported immediately to the designated members of staff
• To develop links with Governors, Pennine Trust, neighbouring schools and other relevant agencies.
• To liaise as appropriate with other professionals and outside agencies
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional colleagues and parents

Essential educational requirements

Undergraduate Degree or Equivalent

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

Successful experience of teaching within KS1
Experience of delivering high quality, well planned primary curriculum
A proven track record of outstanding teaching and learning at KS1
Thorough knowledge of the Year 1 and Year 2 Curriculums
Thorough knowledge of the Core and Foundation subjects of National Curriculum
Thorough knowledge and understanding of progression, teaching and learning of Phonics
Good understanding of current theory and practice to achieve high standards in learning and teaching within KS1, specifically Year 1 and Year 2
Experience of using data to identify underachievement and inform classroom practice
Ability to work collaboratively and effectively in a team with staff, governors and parents
Curriculum strengths which can be brought to the school
Listen to, reflect upon and act on feedback
Evidence of having influenced the quality of teaching in your current school

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