Classroom Teacher NQT/MPS Motcombe CofE VA Primary School, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Job description

To manage all aspects of teaching a class.
To deal with all the pastoral administrative duties in respect of pupils in the class as well as responsibilities in the school as detailed below:
• To teach general subjects and to participate in the development of schemes of work, materials and syllabuses.
• To control and oversee the use and storage of books, stationary and other teaching materials ensuring that any health and safety regulations are observed.
• To carry out the duties of a class teacher in accordance with the schools policies, in respect of pupils to include:
o The maintenance of discipline and acceptable standards of conduct and appearance of pupils;
o The establishment of rapport with pupils to develop their social and academic potential;
o The marking of registers, ensuring absences and lateness are accounted for and taking appropriate action where they are not;
o The compilation of reports, profiles and references on pupils as directed;
o The setting and marking of homework for pupils where appropriate;
o Escorting the class to and playing a part in assemblies subject to the right of teachers to decline to participate in the act of collective worship on the grounds of their religious convictions.
• To participate, as directed, in meetings with colleagues and parents in respect of the duties of the post.
• To attend staff meetings as directed.
• To participate, as directed, in INSET in order to keep abreast of trends and developments in education especially those relevant to the duties and responsibilities of the post.

The post holder:
• Is responsible to the Headteacher for his/her teaching duties and responsibilities, and if relevant, responsible for the supervision of the work of a teaching assistant;

• Interacts on a professional level with colleagues and seeks to establish and maintain productive relationships with them in order to promote mutual understanding of subjects in the school curriculum with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school.


The duties and responsibilities of the post are subject to those detailed in the STPC and will be undertaken within directed time as detailed in the school’s directed time statement.
This job description will reviewed at least once a year and may be subject to modification or amendment after consultation with the post holder.
The key responsibilities and duties sets out the area of work in which duties will generally be focused, and gives an example of the type of duties that the post holder could be asked to carry out. PLEASE NOTE that this is for guidance only. Post holders are expected to be flexible and may be required to operate in different areas of work/carry out different duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Principal.
Other duties

1. To have due regard for safeguarding and to follow child protection policies and procedures adopted by Shaftesbury Academy Trust
2. Understand the importance of inclusion, equality and diversity and to promote equal opportunities for all.
3. Uphold and promote the values and ethos of the academy.
4. Take a proactive approach to health and safety to minimise and mitigate potential hazards and actively contribute to the security of the school.
5. Participate in workplace learning and development opportunities and work to continually improve own and team performance.

Essential educational requirements


Essential qualifications


Essential skills and experience

This role is open to NQT and experience teachers.

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