Clerk to the Governing Body Abberley Parochial VC Primary School, Abberley, Worcestershire

Job description

To receive the details and the name and usual places of residence of those appointed to the Governing Body.
Before any meeting at which the Chairman or Vice Chairman is to be elected to invite members of the Governing Body to inform the Clerk whether they are willing to stand for election as Chairman or Vice-Chairman.
To inform members of the Governing Body of those self-nominations prior to the meeting at which the election will take place.
To act as Chairman of the Governing Body during that part of any meeting at which a Chairman is to be elected (but without having a casting vote).
To convene meetings in accordance with the directions fo the Governing Body or the Chairman/Vice-Chairman.
Upon receipt of the correct written notice of at least three members of the Governing Body, to hold an extra-ordinary meeting (emergency meeting), the clerks needs to convene the meeting they have requested and to give signed notice of such a meeting and a copy of the agenda to each member of the Governing Body, the Headteacher and the LA (normally with seven clear days notice).
To convene a further meeting where a meeting is or becomes inquorate and therefore does not take place or terminates before all the business of the agenda is dealt with, or where the Governing Body resolves to terminate such a meeting prematurely. Such a meeting should take place as soon as reasonably practicable in accordance with the dates and times set by the Governing Body. All members not present at the first meeting should be notified of the situation.
Maintain a book of minutes of Governing Body Meetings. The names of all Governors present and any other persons who were present should be recorded prior to the Minutes of a meeting.
Recording names and Minutes in a similar manner if requested to attend a committee of the Governing Body.
To receive (a) written notification of the resignation of a Governor from office, (b) written notification o f the resignation of a Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Governing Body.
Give notice, as soon as reasonably practicable to the person or body entitled to appoint a replacement, where a vacancy of an appointed member of the Governing Body arises.
Give written notice to those entitled to appoint a person to that office two months prior to the expiry of the term of office (unless already notified of the person appointed by the appointing person/body of a replacement appointment).

To work with the Chairman of Governors and the Headteacher the contents of the Agenda and the supporting papers for each meeting of the Governing Body. This work shall be undertaken at least three weeks before the meeting.
To check with the Chairman on any actions that have been taken by him/her between meetings and that they are reported to the Governing Body.
To prepare and send out the papers to the Governing Body providing at least seven clear days notice.
To attend Governors’ meetings and to take accurate notes from which to prepare minutes.
To ensure that the Governing Body fixes dates of future meetings and that the LA is informed.
To write, produce and send copies of the draft minutes to the Chairman and the Headteacher for approval.
To distribute the draft minutes to Governors and the school after they have been checked by the Chairman.
To ensure that the draft minutes become approved at the next appropriate meeting of Governors and are appropriately initialed.
To record the attendance of Governors at meetings and provide information to the Chairman if any Governor may become disqualified through non-attendance.
To check on the dates of expiry of terms of office and provide information to the Governing Body as necessary.
To inform the Chairman and the LA of any resignations or appointments and ensure that action is taken to fill a vacancy.

To attend and support meetings of committees of the Governing Body when requested to do so.
To set up Governors’ hearings, interviews and appeal committees and to act as Clerk if required.
To advise the Governing Body on where to obtain relevant advice and information.
To take significant responsibility in the preparation of agendas and the management of paperwork following meetings.

Essential educational requirements

A good knowledge of Office and strong language skills are required.

Essential qualifications

Qualified to A-level standard or equivalent demonstrated through experience

Essential skills and experience

IT skills, organisation and the ability to take initiative. Experience in an administrative position would be an advantage.

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