Deputy Headteacher (Non class based with agreed Teaching Responsibilities) Broadoak Primary School, Manchester

Job description

To work with the Headteacher in creating, inspiring and embodying the ethos and culture of the school, securing its Vision Statement with all members of the school community and ensuring an environment for teaching and learning that empowers both staff and pupils to achieve their highest potential. The role includes leading key areas across the school as agreed with the Headteacher (E.g. Curriculum, Assessment, Child Protection, Pastoral Care. Teaching and Learning Intervention Groups)

Main Duties and Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

1. In partnership with the Headteacher, assist in:
• Leading by example, providing inspiration and motivation, and embodying for the pupils, staff, governors and parents the vision, purpose and leadership of Broadoak Primary School.

2. Working with the staff and pupils:-
• To formulate and implement the overall aims and objectives of the schools vision and strategic plan as outlined within the school improvement priorities
• To ensure that policies and practices take account of national, local and school data and inspection and research findings;
• To monitor, evaluate and review the effects of policies, priorities and performance of the school in practice, and take appropriate action.

3. Implement the Governing Body’s Policies on Equal Opportunities and inclusion for all pupils.

4. Assume the professional responsibility of the Headteacher in his/her absence.

Teaching and Learning

1. Be the exemplar of high quality teaching and learning in the school.

2. In partnership with the Headteacher, assist in:
• Creating and maintaining an environment that promotes and secures good and outstanding teaching, effective learning and high standards of achievement, exemplary behaviour and discipline and which enables teachers to meet the standards set out in the professional development framework.
• Determining, organising, implementing and monitoring the curriculum and its assessment.
• Ensuring that improvements in all areas of the curriculum, with particular focus on core subjects, are priority targets for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and more able pupils.
• Ensuring that pupils develop a positive attitude and understanding of learning in order to learn more effectively and with increasing independence.
• Monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching and standards of learning and achievement of all pupils at the school.

3. To plan and deliver identified intervention programmes as required.

4. Determining and implementing policies which promote:
• Equal opportunities for all children;
• Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children;
• British values including the importance of democracy, self-discipline and regard for authority and the law;
• Good conduct and behaviour;
• Positive strategies and programmes for pupils’ support and clear guidance on exclusions and other disciplinary matters

5. Developing effective links with the community, to extend the curriculum, and enhance teaching and learning.

6. Creating and maintaining an effective partnership with parents to support and improve pupils’ achievements and personal development.

7. Promoting extra-curricular activities in accordance with the educational aims of the school.

Leading and Managing Staff

1. Act as a model of professional conduct and presentation, demonstrating high personal standards of expertise and commitment.

2. In partnership with the Headteacher, assist in:
• Maximising the contribution of staff to improve the quality of education provided and the standards achieved and ensure that constructive working relationships are formed between staff and pupils.
• Developing good working relationships with the governors, staff, pupils, parents/carers, community and other school networks.
• Planning, allocating, supporting and evaluating work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals.
• Implementing and sustaining effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating performance management.
• Motivating and enabling all staff in the school to carry out their respective roles to the highest standards, through high quality continuing professional development based on assessment of needs and systematic monitoring and evaluation.
• Leading and managing the staff in ways that reflect the vision statement, meet the Governing Body’s policies, while ensuring that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the Terms and Conditions of Service of Teachers.

Efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources

1. In partnership with the Headteacher, assist in:
• The recruitment and selection of the highest quality teaching and non-teaching staff who are able and willing to contribute to the effectiveness and ethos of the school.
• Working with colleagues to deploy, develop and retain all staff effectively in order to improve the quality of education provided in accordance with the vision statement.
• Contributing to the formation of the schools policies and procedures concerning the school’s resources and asset management.
• Setting appropriate priorities for expenditure, allocation of funds and effective administration and control by effective management of the school’s budget; rational allocation and monitoring of time, space and material resources;
• Ensuring effective and safe arrangements for the storage of materials and equipment.
• Managing and organising the school efficiently and effectively to ensure it meets the needs of the curriculum, the pupils and health and safety regulations.
• Making arrangements for the security and effective supervision of the school buildings, their contents and the grounds.
• Ensuring that any lack of maintenance, repairs or modification, including breaches of Health and Safety legislation is acted upon promptly, and in accordance with the delegation arrangements of the Governing Body.
• Managing, monitoring and reviewing the range, quality and use of all available resources in order to improve the quality of education, improve pupils’ achievements, ensure efficiency and secure value for money.


1. In partnership with the Headteacher, assist in:
• Creating and developing an organisation in which all the members of the school recognise that they are accountable for the success of the school.
• Ensuring that parents/carers and pupils are well informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress and about the contribution they can make in supporting children’s learning and achieving the school’s targets for improvement.

2. Carry out any duties as may be reasonably required by the Headteacher.

School Specific Responsibilities

1. The school specific responsibilities will be agreed with the successful candidate upon appointment, but will include those outlined in responsibility section.

2. To undertake such additional duties as are reasonably requested with the level of this post.

3. The postholder must carry out their duties with full regard to the school’s Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety policies.

Essential educational requirements

Honours degree or equivalent

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

• Proven experience of successful class teaching within the primary range at more than one Key Stage level
• Evidence of ongoing professional development that prepares the applicant for the post
• Leadership experience in a Primary School
• Experience of leading a curriculum area/school initiative

Employee benefits

Permanent contract in line with standard national Teachers' Pay and Conditions

About Broadoak Primary School

Located in Swinton, Manchester, Broadoak Primary is a heavily over subscribed school with nearly 500 children including a 60 place full-time Nursery. The school converted to a Single Academy in 2011 and achieved Ofsted Outstanding in 2009. The school has excellent facilities, including extensive grounds that drive a commitment to outdoor learning. As an educational team we have track record for achieving high levels of educational attainment from our pupils and put our children at the very centre of our aims. We provide a stimulating environment in which our children feel secure and happy. Our aim is to provide all children with meaningful and engaging learning experiences that will prepare them for life in the 21st century. At Broadoak Primary School we are very proud of our pupils and their successes. We offer personalised learning for our young people, within an inclusive, engaging learning environment. Our friendly staff team is clearly committed to providing a secure and happy place in which to learn, one in which all children are able to thrive socially, emotionally and academically to achieve their full potential. We believe that education is a partnership between pupils, teacher and parents working together to foster and develop a life long love of learning. Our children are highly motivated, well behaved and truly delightful to teach!

Fairmount Road, Manchester, M27 0EP
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