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Job description

At Firs Primary we will give our children the skills and experiences to enable them to:
• be confident, independent and active learners
• experience success and do even better than they thought they could
• continue their journey towards a full, successful and happy adult life

We are a thriving school and we embrace our whole community and admit any child living in our area regardless of gender, social, ethnic, religious background or disability.

You are required to undertake an appropriate share of the duties attached to teachers generally within the school as set out in paragraphs 37-40 (inclusive) of the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, under the reasonable direction of the Headteacher and/or the Executive Headteacher.

Job Purpose:
In addition, you are required to undertake the following responsibilities which may or may not be included above.

Job Purpose:
• To co-ordinate and evaluate teaching and learning within the phase and to liaise with other members of the Leadership Team where necessary, to ensure continuity and progression throughout the school.
• To make strategic evaluations of personnel issues as a supportive and well-motivated team member.

Part 1: You are required to carry out the duties of a school teacher as set out in paragraphs 71 to 76 (inclusive) of the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions
Document 2005 (hereafter called the Document)
Part 2: Post – Phase leader
Part 3: You are required to carry out such professional duties which form part of paragraph 60 of the Document which the Head Teacher and/or the Executive Headteacher may reasonably ask you to undertake.
Part 4: This job description applies to the period from September 2017.

All references to phase within this job description refer to your designated role as phase leader for EYFS, and a shared responsibility with your fellow phase leaders for the overall development of standards and progress.

In addition, you are required to undertake the following responsibilities which may or may not be included above:

Teaching and Learning

1. It is expected and taken for granted that you will form a strong relationship with your fellow phase leaders in all aspects of whole school development, leading by example as an exemplary teacher and as a manager, achieving high standards of pupil attainment, behaviour and motivation through effective teaching.

2. To be responsible to the head teacher for co-ordinating the work of the phase, supporting and advising where appropriate.

3. Oversee all aspects of the phase organisation and management in order to ensure that school policies and practices are being delivered.

4. Support subject leaders in the development and implementation of curricular initiatives.

5. To carry out the duties of a Class Teacher as set out in the Class Teacher Job Description

6. To monitor the quality of teaching and learning in phases, in line with the school policy. This may include lesson observations, monitoring of short and medium term planning and scrutiny of pupil’s work.

7. To review long term planning in phases to ensure coverage, progression and a range of learning experiences across the Key Stages.

8. To liaise with the phase leaders including Key Stage 3 Co-ordinators, to monitor and promote effective transition arrangements to ensure continuity and progression for all pupils from KS1 to KS2 and KS2 to KS3.

8. Take overall responsibility for the pastoral care of pupils within the phase.

9. In conjunction with the Educational Visits Co-ordinator, co-ordinate and oversee the organisation of educational visits.

10. To review planning and teaching methods in order to meet individual pupils needs, including SEN, Gifted and Talented, Looked After Children and children with English as an Additional Language

11. To monitor the standards of behaviour and achievement within their phase and across the school, to ensure continuity and progression.

12. Set appropriate expectations for phase staff and pupils in relation to standards of pupils’ achievements and the quality of teaching and establishing clear targets for improving and sustaining pupils’ achievement supporting the process of teaching and learning in accordance with agreed policies and guidelines.

13. Supporting phase staff to meet Performance Management targets.

Recording and Assessment

1. Have input into the target setting process for raising achievement for all
pupils and feedback to the Deputy Head and Head Teacher.

2. Monitor progress in phases and ensure appropriate coordinator action plans are being implemented.

3. Monitor phase planning to ensure individual needs are being met.

4. Contribute to the Annual School Profile and self-evaluation.


1. Support the Head Teacher in providing a clear vision and direction for the development of the school.

2. Taking a leading role in specific project(s), this may be a curriculum aspect or a project based aspect that improves the outcomes for children, to be decided with the Head teacher.

3. Contribute to Leadership Team decisions on all aspects of policy development and organisation by playing a significant role in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the school's development plan.

4. Assume responsibility for the management of the school in the absence of the
Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher.

5. Attend Leadership Team meetings as required, and report back to staff when necessary.

6. Be a strong advocate for change and champion school improvement.

7. Convey a positive “can do” attitude, motivate and inspire staff and present a ‘united front’ to secure successful outcomes of school initiatives.

8. To provide reports to parents, pupils, Governors and the Leadership Team with regard to the progress within the specified phase

9. Establish good relationships, encourage good working practices and support and lead teachers.
10. Plan, organise and chair phase meetings as appropriate in order to ensure school policies and practices are being implemented. To keep up to date records of any meetings/actions/outcomes from the meetings.

11. Liaise with teaching assistants timetabled within the phase and outside agencies.

12. To liaise with members of the Governing Body enquiring about a particular subject/whole school initiative, to inform them of progression of the Action Plan, quality of teaching and learning and standards in the subject.

Standards and Quality Assurance

1. Support the aims and ethos of the school.

2. Liaise with the executive head teacher and the school governors, when appropriate, to facilitate their overview of school management.

3. Attend and participate in open/parent evenings.

4. Uphold the school's behaviour code and uniform regulations.

5. Participate in staff training.

6. Participate in Continuing Professional Development

7. Attend team and staff meetings.

8. Develop links with Governors, LEAs and neighbouring schools

People and relationships

1. Sustain effective, positive relationships with all staff, pupils, parents and governors and the local community.

2. Encouraging moral and spiritual growth and civic and social responsibility amongst pupils.

3. Managing innovation and change.

4. Working collaboratively.

5. Manage and develop effective working relationships with all staff in the school.

6. To safeguard every pupil’s health, safety and well-being in line with school Policies.

Human and material resources and their development and deployment

1. When required, lead the professional development of all staff through example, coaching peer support and target setting.

2. Contribute to the audit of staff development and training needs and the provision of effective INSET.

3. Ensure support and training during the induction of new staff and for trainee teachers.

4. Support the establishment of priorities for expenditure across the whole school and within departments.

5. Ensure the maintenance in phases of a structured environment for effective teaching and learning, for good behaviour and discipline and for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

6. Manage the resources for a specific subject area or a whole school aspect – to be agreed.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

• To provide curriculum information for parents such as letters and booklets, in line with school policy and in consultation with the Head Teacher
• To lead parent’s meetings/workshops, in consultation with the Head Teacher
• To organise special assemblies, performances, school trips and other events
• To carry out any other duties reasonably requested by the Head Teacher and/or the Executive Head teacher.

The duties may be varied to meet changed circumstances in a manner compatible with the post held, at the reasonable direction of the Head Teacher. This job description does not form part of the contract of employment. It describes the way in which the phase leader is expected and required to perform and complete the particular duties as set out above.

Essential educational requirements

• Qualified teacher status

Essential qualifications

• Qualified teacher status

Essential skills and experience

• Teaching experience in EYFS and Key Stage 1 with proven ability as a classroom practitioner.
• Ability to provide a stimulating and challenging classroom environment for all pupils.
• Managing others effectively

Employee benefits


We will offer you:

• A happy and caring ethos linked to our school well-being model – YES, work-life balance is important!
• A supportive team, Headteacher and MAT
• Children who are motivated, well-behaved and eager to learn
• Opportunities for your own continued professional development, both internally and through collaborative working across our Trust
• Access to an employee benefits package known as Perkbox, including discounted restaurants, cinema tickets and free mobile phone insurance.

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