Head of Modern Foreign Languages Swanshurst School, Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

Job Title: Head of Modern Foreign Languages
TLR 1c (£9,930 per annum)

Accountability for leading, managing and developing a subject or curriculum area or pupil development across the curriculum
• Define and agree team improvement plan that will fulfil school improvement priorities
• Lead, monitor, evaluate and report on the impact of improvement strategies on the quality of teaching and learning and students’ achievement and use this analysis to guide further improvement
• Ensure self and team are up to date and respond to local / national issues and agenda in relation to subject area and professional role
• Identify and coordinate CPD needs and opportunities
• Account for achievement, attainment and welfare of all students within your subject/ year
• Provide headteacher with relevant subject, curriculum area or student performance information
• Monitor the learning climate across the team and implement strategies where needs are identified
• Analyse and interpret relevant national, local and school data, plus research and inspection evidence, to inform policies, practices, expectations, targets and teaching methods
• Be responsible for enrichment in relation to the curriculum area

Accountability for impact on educational progress beyond assigned students
• Identify appropriate attainment and/ or achievement targets
• Use data effectively to identify students who are underachieving and, where necessary, create and implement effective plans of action to support those students
• Monitor student standards and achievement against annual targets and across different groups of students
• Plan and implement strategies where improvement needs are identified with individuals and groups of students
• Ensure curriculum coverage, continuity and progression in the subject for all students, including those of high ability and those with special educational or linguistic needs
• Monitor standards of student behaviour and application and make appropriate interventions
• Lead evaluation strategies to contribute to overall school self-evaluation
• Ensure that relevant attainment/ achievement targets are met

Accountability for leading, developing and enhancing the teaching practices of others
• Contribute to the Teaching and Learning strategy of the school and share good practice from the team with the wider school community
• Maintain personal expertise and share this with other teachers
• Act as a role model of good classroom practice for other teachers, modelling effective strategies with them
• Monitor and evaluate standards of teaching, identifying areas for improvement
• Evaluate teaching role in the school, use this analysis to identify effective practice and areas for improvement and take action to improve further the quality of teaching and learning
• Induct, support and monitor new staff
• Act as performance management team leader for identified colleagues
• Engaging parents / carers in students’ learning
• Establish and implement clear policies and practices for assessing, recording and reporting on students’ achievement and for using this information to recognise achievement and to assist students in setting targets for further improvement
• Create a climate which enables other staff to develop and maintain positive attitudes towards the subject / role and to have confidence in teaching it
• Help staff to achieve constructive working relationships with students

Line management responsibility for a significant number of people
• Ensure that performance management arrangements are effectively discharged by other team leaders in the subject
• Monitor the effectiveness and impact of performance management arrangements within a team
• Monitor and evaluate the contribution and impact of other staff on school improvement across teams
• Provide quality assurance monitoring and intervention as agreed
• Identify professional development needs and co-ordinate these with those responsible for CPD in the school
• Plan the deployment of staff expertise to achieve school improvement targets
• Take initial responsibility for the pastoral care and welfare of a significant number of people
Line Management - Responsibility to and for:

As appropriate,
To: Deputy Head

For: Departmental: Teaching Staff
Departmental: Deputy / Assistant Leader
Departmental: Support Staff

Conditions of Employment
The above responsibilities are in accordance with the Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Act and subsequent orders in terms of duties and working time, also any local agreements, LEA Circulars and guidelines giving interpretations of teachers’ conditions and service.

Review and Amendment
The job description is normally subject to annual review. It may be amended at the request of the Headteacher or the post holder but only after full consultation with the post holder. It will be signed if agreement is reached.

If, following review and amendment, agreement is not reached the appropriate procedures should be used for settling any disputes.

Essential educational requirements

Good Honours degree or equivalent in relevant subject
Qualified Teacher Status
Recent relevant in-service training
Ability to use ICT to support the role

Essential qualifications

• Good Honours degree or equivalent in relevant subject
• Qualified Teacher Status
• Recent relevant in-service training
• Successful teaching experience in the secondary sector
• Potential to lead and teach KS3 – KS5
• Proven record of leading extra- curricular activities within subject area and beyond, and of celebrating performance

Essential skills and experience

Ability to lead an inspire & to develop an effective team
Ability to negotiate, delegate, consult, direct
Ability to operate as part of a team
Ability to initiate, develop, implement & monitor policies
Ability to mentor & develop skills in others
Ability to motivate staff and pupils
Ability to learn from experience
Ability to effectively collect, analyse & evaluate data
Ability to plan, deliver & monitor effective intervention
How to improve learning &teaching
AfL strategies
Staff development strategies
Whole school awareness of current practice, developments & curriculum reforms
Commitment to comprehensive education
Vision imagination & leadership skills
Sensitivity to the needs of others
Ability to work under pressure
Ability to adapt to changing needs & circumstances
Sense of humour
Written communication
Verbal communication
Presentation skills
Time management
Personal organisation
Ability to be a role model

Employee benefits

MPS/UPS plus TLR1c (£9,930 per annum)

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