KS1 Teacher Dashwood Banbury Academy, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Job description

Purpose of the job:
To carry out the professional duties of a teacher as set out in the relevant pages of the Academy Teacher’s Pay and Conditions document; to promote and embed the Values and Conditions of the Aspirations Academy Trust.

Main Responsibilities
To take responsibility for planning and implementing appropriate work programmes for all children in the designated class, within the framework of national and school policies.

To maintain assessment records and report on pupils’ progress to senior staff and to parents and carers, in accordance with school policy.

Main Accountability
To promote the Values and Conditions of the Aspirations Academy Trust, and subsequent values and culture, to other staff, governors, parents, children and members of the wider community.

To maintain a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the teaching of your subjects and take account of wider curriculum developments which are relevant to your work.

To plan lessons and sequences of lessons to meet pupils’ individual learning needs.

To use a range of appropriate strategies and follow Academy policies for teaching, behaviour and classroom management.

To do all that you can to ensure that you safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils in the Academy.

To set well-grounded expectations for pupils in your class (and set groups) using information about prior attainment.

To assess, monitor and record the progress of pupils in your class (and set groups) and give them clear and constructive feedback.

To do all you can to ensure that, as a result of your teaching, your pupils achieve well relative to their prior attainment, making progress as good as or better than similar pupils nationally and in the Academy.

To take responsibility for your own professional development and use the outcomes to improve your teaching and your pupils’ learning.

To make an active contribution to the policies, aspirations and plans of your year group, of your curriculum area and of the Academy.

To contribute to the preparation and development of programmes of study, schemes of work, teaching materials, teaching programmes, methods of teaching and assessment and pastoral arrangements throughout the academy, including academy trips, special assemblies, performances and special events.

To plan, prepare and assess lessons in line with academy policies and schemes of work.

To teach lessons according to the individual needs of pupils, having high expectations and setting challenging targets.

To promote the inclusion and acceptance of all children within the classroom ensuring equal access to lessons and their content.

To set work for pupils who may not be able to attend academy due to long term illness.

To mark work and provide feedback to pupils and parents/carers in line with the Academy Marking and Feedback Policy.

To keep up to date assessments on the development, progress and attainment of pupils, recording and reporting these assessments in line with the academy’s Assessment Policy.

To administer assessment tasks and tests in line with academy policy.

To contribute to and support the overall ethos, work and aims of the academy.

To comply with, support and promote all academy policies and procedures, particularly those relating to child protection, equal opportunities, racial equality, health, safety and security, confidentiality, behaviour and data protection, reporting concerns to the Principal.

To be aware of and support pupil differences and ensure that all pupils have equal access to all academy opportunities to learn and develop.

To promote the general progress and well being of individual pupils throughout the academy.

To provide advice and guidance to pupils and parents on educational, emotional, behavioural and social matters in line with academy policies and in consultation with the SEN Coordinator.

To keep records and make reports on the personal and social needs of pupils.

To communicate and co-operate with other agencies to support the educational, development/general progress and well being of individual pupils and to participate in meetings arranged for any purposes described above including IEP Meetings.

To inform the designated members of staff for safeguarding immediately of any concerns regarding a pupils welfare.

To communicate and consult with parents/carers of pupils and provide an accurate written annual report for parents.

To main good order and discipline throughout the academy, in line with the academy’s behaviour policy.

To safeguard every pupil’s health, safety and well being in line with academy policies.

To participate in professional development meetings which relate to the curriculum, administration or organisation of the academy, including pastoral arrangements.

To attend assemblies, when requested by the Principal or the Leadership Team.

To register pupils at the start of the academy day and after the lunch break.

To supervise pupils throughout the academy during play-times and at any other times requested by the Principal.

This job description is not a comprehensive definition of the post. Discussions will take place on a regular basis to clarify individual responsibilities within the general framework and character of the post as identified below. The conditions of employment of teachers in the Academy Teachers’ Pay and Conditions of Service Document apply to this post, whose holder is expected to carry out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances may require, under the reasonable direction of the Principal.

General Expectations:
The duties may be varied to meet changed circumstances in a manner compatible with the post held, at the reasonable direction of the Principal.

This job description does not form part of the contract of employment. It describes the way in which the teacher is expected and required to perform and complete the particular duties as set out above.

Essential educational requirements

• Educated to at least Degree equivalent standard
• Holds Qualified Teacher Status

Essential qualifications

• Successful classroom practitioner or teaching placements

Essential skills and experience

• High level communication skills
• Ability to liaise effectively with staff, students, pupils, parents/carers
• Ability to prioritise
• Ability to plan and deliver high quality lessons, evaluate the impact of these and develop future planning accordingly
• Ability to accurately level work across core subjects
• To provide a stimulating, welcoming learning environment
• Be ICT literate
• Ability to be proactive, use initiative, to show a creative approach when necessary
• Knowledge of the AAT Values and Conditions
• Knowledge of the Primary National Curriculum
• Knowledge and understanding of safeguarding procedures
• Knowledge of assessment systems and progress tracking methods
• Demonstrable commitment to inclusive teaching and learning

Employee benefits

Dashwood Banbury Academy is part of the forward thinking Aspirations Academy Trust and is committed to raising pupil aspirations in order to reach their full potential. We are a very good school in the heart of Banbury with great facilities. The pupils and staff work together to ensure everyone is achieving and succeeding. It is a fantastic school where pupils make excellent progress and gain valuable life experiences to take with them on their next steps. Our core values and ethos ensure all members of our community feel included and supported which means we actively work on staff and pupil well-being. We pride ourselves on our community spirit and positive atmosphere.

About Dashwood Banbury Academy

Merton Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 4RX
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