Leader of Physics Ormiston Chadwick Academy, Widnes, Cheshire

Job description

We are seeking to appoint a dynamic, motivated and successful Leader of Physics for January 2020.
You must
• Be an outstanding and dynamic practitioner of Science.
• Actively contribute to the long term vision and practice of teaching and learning in Science and throughout the academy.
• Be enthusiastic, creative and able to inspire students to reach their full potential.
• Have excellent classroom management skills.
• Create a highly stimulating learning environment in which children want to learn.
• Be committed to delivering engaging lessons that make good use of ICT and modern technologies.
• Have excellent communication skills and be able to work interdependently within faculties.

Essential educational requirements

Post graduate Qualifications

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

• Keep up to date with new initiatives in Physics
• Ensure that teachers are aware of the requirements of current and imminent Physics examinations at KS4 and updates to KS3 curriculum and assessment
• Ensure the appropriate Schemes of Work are developed and updated
• Ensure that teachers are clear about the teaching objectives in lessons, provide guidance on the choice of appropriate teaching and learning methods, and after evaluation of the teaching of Physics, take action to improve if necessary
• Ensure that all student have access to appropriate material through a range of resources and teaching strategies

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