Principal Ashton West End Primary Academy, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire

Job description

Main Duties
Qualities and Knowledge
Within the Academy the principal will:
• Ensure that the academy provides a high standard of education for all pupils.
• Demonstrate optimistic personal behaviour, positive relationships and attitudes towards pupils and staff, and towards parents, governors
• Lead by example - with integrity, creativity, resilience, clarity and spirituality - drawing on their own scholarship, expertise, skills, and wisdom and that of those around them.
• Sustain wide, current knowledge and understanding of education and school systems locally, nationally and globally, and pursue continuous professional development that reflects the needs of the academy.
• Work with political and financial astuteness, within a clear set of principles centred on the academy’s values and ethos. .
• Communicate academy’s vision and drive the strategic leadership, empowering all pupils and staff to excel in their pursuit of wisdom.
Within the academy the Principal will:
• Demand ambitious standards for all pupils, overcoming disadvantage and advancing equality, instilling a strong sense of accountability in staff for the impact of their work on pupils’ outcomes.
• Secure excellent teaching through an analytical understanding of how pupils learn and of the core features of successful classroom practice and curriculum design, leading to rich curriculum opportunities and pupils’ well-being.
• Establish an educational culture of ‘open classrooms’ and active research as a basis for sharing best practice within and between schools, drawing on and conducting relevant research and robust data analysis.
• Continue to develop an academy character within which all staff are motivated and supported to develop their own skills and subject knowledge, and to support each other.
• Identify emerging talents, coaching current and aspiring leaders in a climate where excellence is the standard, leading to clear succession planning.
• Hold all staff to account for their professional conduct and practice within the academy.
• Establish, promote and respect an inclusive culture that promotes equality and an understanding of diverse cultures, faith groups’ languages and ethnic groups.
• Act as a professional and supportive leader to staff and pupils.
• Celebrate achievement in the development of the whole child and not only those matters that are measured externally.
• Promote and facilitate opportunities for pupils and staff to be involved with and share best practice with pupils and staff from other educational settings.

Systems and Process
Within the academy the Principal will:
• Ensure that the academy efficiently and effectively fulfils its responsibilities, as set out in the Scheme of Delegation and the ESFA Handbook..
• Ensure that the academy’s systems, organisation and processes are well considered, efficient and fit for purpose, upholding the principles of transparency, integrity and probity within the Academy Trust.
• Provide a safe, calm and well-ordered environment for all pupils and staff, focused on safeguarding pupils and developing their exemplary behaviour in the academy and in the wider society as they develop self-worth and an understanding of the worth of others.
• Establish rigorous, fair and transparent systems and measures for managing the performance of all staff, addressing any under-performance, supporting staff to improve and valuing excellent practice.
• Welcome strong governance and actively support the Governing Body to understand its role and deliver its functions effectively – in particular its functions within the Academy’s strategy and hold the Principal to account for pupil, staff and financial performance.
• Exercise strategic, curriculum-led financial planning to ensure the equitable deployment of budgets and resources, in the best interests of pupils’ achievements and the academy’s sustainability.
• Distribute leadership throughout the academy, forging teams of colleagues who have distinct roles and responsibilities, are given the opportunity to innovate and who hold each other to account for their decision-making.
The Self-Improving AcademySystem
Within the Academy the Principal will:
• Create an outward-facing academy, which works with other schools and organisations, including international schools - in a climate of mutual challenge - to champion best practice and secure excellent achievements for all pupils.
• Develop effective relationships with fellow professionals and colleagues in other public services, parents/carers and the community to improve academic and social outcomes for all pupils.
• Challenge educational orthodoxies and respond critically and constructively to education initiatives in the best interests of achieving excellence, harnessing the findings of well-evidenced research to self-regulate and improve the academy.
• Shape the current and future quality of the teaching profession through high quality training and sustained professional development appropriate to the academy context for all staff at the academy.
• Model entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to school improvement, leadership and governance, confident of the vital contribution of internal and external accountability.
• Inspire and influence others - within and beyond the academy - to believe in the fundamental importance of education in young people’s lives and to promote the value of education in human flourishing.
The Principal will:
• Work closely with, and be responsible to the Governing Body to ensure that the academyl provides a high quality, child-centred education and complies with the requirements set out in its Scheme of Delegation.
• Provide information, support and advice to the Governing Body, other senior leaders within academy and the Board of Directors based on a detailed working knowledge of the academy’s strengths and areas for improvement.
• Provide information advice and support to the Governing Body to enable it to meet its responsibilities as an academy, for securing ESFA funding, effective teaching and learning, improved standards of achievement and value for money.
• Lead on compliance and regularity changes such as GDPR or other statutes.
• Present regular formal accounts of the academy’s performance in a form appropriate to a range of audiences – governors, parents, local community, OFSTED, the Local Authority.
• Ensure that parents and pupils are well informed about the wider curriculum and targets for improvement.
The Principal will, with the support of the governing body:
• Promote a close relationship with local community.
• Work closely with local groups and stakeholders to maximise the contribution made by the academy within the community.
Additional Requirements
This job description outlines the main duties of the post, incorporating the National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers, but does not exclude other duties, which may be undertaken to ensure the efficient operation of the academy. Other duties required will be consistent with those listed above and appropriate to the title and grade of the post.
The appointment is subject to the current conditions of employment of Headteachers, as contained in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document (as conditions for Headteachers) and other current educational and employment legislation. Details will be specified in a contract of employment.
Terms and conditions for all school based the academy’s employees are subject to change, should the need arise, after consultation with staff and their professional associations.

Essential educational requirements

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

• Has successful substantive experience at senior leadership level within the primary age range;
• Has a proven track record in leading and managing staff to support successful outcomes for a wide range of children of differing abilities and backgrounds;
• Skilled classroom practitioner;
• Has experience of the successful management of change carried out in a constructive and sensitive manner;
• Has experience and evidence of personally improving teaching and learning;
• Has experience of successful and cooperative working as part of a team and wider educational community;
• Have experience of managing major changes within a school setting;
• Has made a significant contribution to the development within the school.
• Has demonstrated a leadership style of high expectations within a school, enabling all children to make good progress and achieve success.
• Has experience of good practice in safeguarding;

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