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Job description

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced, organised and well-qualified School Nurse to join our successful staff team. The Nurse will be responsible for health provision to pupils within the School. The ideal candidate will have experience of working within a school environment and/or within a child-centred clinical setting.

The role is being offered as a part time, permanent position and carries a competitive salary. We will give provide the opportunity to work in a professional, supportive and committed environment, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities. We are committed to the safeguarding, well-being and development of all our staff, with the added benefits of subsidised lunches, generous leave entitlement and a supportive CPD system.

Time Commitment
22.5 hours per week

Main Responsibilities:
• To contribute to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare and personal care of pupils
• To provide first aid across the school (emergency and non-emergency) and follow all statutory
procedures governing accidents and medical emergencies and to Care for ill and injured
students within current guidelines
• Have responsibility for pupils’ medication and administer medication as required
• Ensure all medications kept in school are securely stored under the correct conditions in the
nurses’ office, with access strictly controlled
• Maintain and up-to-date medical register and medical log. Ensure accident records are kept
in line with Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, completing the relevant Online Accident
• Implement as appropriate the school’s Health and Safety Policy
• Work with the local authority to implement Health & Safety obligations of the school
• To support staff and students with health-related issues.
• To work with the local NHS allocated school nurse, who comes into school once a week.
• To identify the medical and social needs of new and existing students in school a and
communicate these to appropriate staff.
• Maintain provision of first aid equipment within school,
• To manage the annual first aid budget
• Organise and/or deliver first aid training for staff and students as required, keep a log of
current qualified first aiders and organise training for certification renewal.
• Provide medical/social information for all school trips including first aid kits.
• Liaise with parents, school staff and other agencies; contribute to or make referrals to other
agencies and attend meetings as appropriate.
• Prepare for and administer vaccination programmes, informing parents, staff and students of
all relevant information, including dates, times and locations.
• Provide advice or signposting for children with mental health problems in collaboration with
pastoral staff and the SENCO.
• Identifying students who need to have an Independent Health Care assessment (IHC),
completed procedures for these to take place and implement identified care plans.
• To report incidents which happen in writing to key members of staff. Liaise with Heads of Year
on a regular basis to discuss student’s needs.
• Ensure an emergency file and grab bag are prepared, stored and kept up to date and taken
out during an evacuation.
• Complete a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) for any students with reduced
mobility (temporary or permanent) and ensure these pupils’ timetable needs are added to
the Emergency Medical file so that they can be referred to in an emergency.
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• To network with other schools and organisations to support a coherent approach to school
first aid, share best practise and that full use is made of advisory services and in-service
• To act as Direct Support Professional (DSP)
• To be actively familiar with all the school systems, procedures, expectations and policies.
• To be actively familiar with and promote the values and aspirations of the school and to
model expectations to students.
Support for Teaching and Learning
• Help the school to deliver advice and key messages about Health and (SRE) Sex and Relationship
Education to pupils in Years 7-13, on a 1:1 basis, in small groups and in assemblies.
• To advise pastoral staff on the delivery of the SRE Programme and to liaise with other agencies
and organisations to ensure that resources and information is up-to-date and age appropriate
for pupils.
Management of resources
• Manage all of the available resources efficiently and effectively.
• Identify and collate the future resourcing needs in consideration of the school budget planning
Quality assurance
• To compile an annual report to senior leaders on student medical needs and accidents.
In order to deliver services effectively, a degree of flexibility is needed, and the post holder may be
required to perform work not specifically referred to above. However, such duties will fall within the
scope of the post.

For further questions, or to make an appointment to visit the School, please contact Mrs Sarah Noel, Registrar Visits to the School are warmly welcomed.

Please see the full role outline on our website for more details.

Essential educational requirements

Current nursing qualification

Essential qualifications

Current nursing qualification

Essential skills and experience

Preferred but not compulsory: Working knowledge of SIMS and Microsoft Office (Training can be provided?

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