Site Manager Walkwood Church of England Middle School, Redditch, Worcestershire

Job description

Security & Access of Premises

The job holder will:
• Maintain key holder responsibility for site security and will
report any problems or concerns to the Business Manager.
• Ensure that the premises are open prior to the start of the day
and secured at the end of it.
• Liaise with the Police and emergency services and attend call
outs as necessary.
• Maintain records of routine checks including all mandatory
checks such as asbestos visual checks, function test of
emergency light units, visual check of fire extinguishers, check
operation of fire doors release devices, test fire call points,
water hygiene testing of temperatures for legionella prevention,
flush through showers and ensure shower heads are descaled.
• Endeavour to prevent trespass on school grounds and deter
unauthorised on-site parking of vehicles.
• Provide emergency access to school buildings in the event of
snow, minor flooding or similar emergency situations.
• Be aware of all school events and ensure access and
appropriate facilities are in place.
• Facilitate site access and safe usage for contractors and lettings
outside of normal hours within reasonable limits.
• Organise and liaise with the Business Manager in advance of
security arrangements during all school holidays.

Site Maintenance

The job holder will:
• Appropriately manage and maintain the wide range of school
buildings, grounds and contents including all teaching and
specialist areas, kitchen and plant rooms.
• Regularly check on the condition of the building and report to
the Business Manager the nature and extent of any required
repair work.
• Be responsible for the proper use and safekeeping of larger
items of plant and machinery.
• Liaise with the Business Manager when required to contact
approved contractors.
• Take responsibility within the limitations of the school budget
for all school furniture, fixtures and fittings and maintain an
inventory for all furniture and report to the Business Manager on
their condition.
• Aid the development and maintenance of a rolling programme
for refurbishment and replacement of furniture and fittings.
• Assist the Business Manager in obtaining quotes for site
maintenance and development projects.
• Operate the heating, lighting and plumbing systems in the
school as required.
• Liaise with pest control companies.

Health & Safety
The job holder will:
• Be responsible for the day to day management of health and
safety within the school.
• Carry out fire and health & safety risk assessments and maintain
appropriate records including fire alarm log book, emergency
lighting and water tests.
• Carry out weekly fire alarm checks and regularly check fire
• Carry out checks in accordance with the health and safety
• Manage the school asbestos register.
• Arrange and monitor statutory checks of electrical equipment,
lifting and handling equipment, outdoor equipment and PE
• Carry out agreed procedures in the event of fire, flood, breaking
and entering, accident or major damage.
• Have the knowledge of the school’s electricity circuits, piped
services and control valves in the event of an emergency.
• Carry out daily perimeter and grounds checks to ensure pupil,
staff and visitor safety, reporting any criminal damage to the
Business Manager.
• Ensure that all playing surfaces are safe and free from litter,
from leaves in the winter, clear snow / ice and grit and salt
• Ensure that storm water gullies and drains are free flowing,
using appropriate equipment and contractors as necessary.
• Keep the boiler room in a clean and tidy condition and free from
extraneous materials.
• Ensure that cleaning is undertaken to a high standard and is
compliant with current legislation.
• Be responsible for COSHH requirements and materials used.
• Monitor the school minibuses in accordance with the school
minibus policy.

Management / Supervisory

The job holder will:
• Maintain a cleaning rota ensuring that cleaning staff are
supported in their jobs.
• Ensure that cleaning materials and equipment are ordered
correctly and on time.
• Supervise holiday cleaning and arrange for deep cleans to be
• Participate in appropriate training activities and encourage
other site staff in their development and training.
• Maintain personal and professional development to meet the
changing demands of the job.

The job holder will:
• Undertake porterage duties as required and assist the loading /
unloading of collections and deliveries to school.
• Set out and clear away chairs for school assemblies, meetings
and parents’ evenings as required.
• Immediately clear up any hazards to pupils and staff such as
spill of chemicals, broken glass, bodily fluids etc.
• Have supervisory responsibility for the team of cleaning staff
and the Caretaker and lead relevant staff training as required.
• Present a good image of the school, maintain constructive
relationships and carry out duties in a way that promotes the
school’s ethos and values.
• Undertake other duties at the same grade as directed by the
Business Manager or Principal.
• Comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work
Regulations and take reasonable care for the health and safety
of themselves and others at work and cooperate with
employees in ensuring that health and safety responsibilities are
carried out.

The job holder will be required to carry out other site management duties as and when required and may be needed to work outside ‘normal’ hours, including some weekends, to facilitate lettings and contractor access. This may be achieved by flexing hours (or by working overtime), as agreed by prior arrangement.

The job holder will comply with any reasonable request from their line manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description. The post holder may be required to undertake other duties elsewhere in the school that are commensurate to the post holder’s abilities, position & grade. The Principal reserves the right to alter the content of this job description, after consultation, to reflect changes to the job or services provided, without altering the general character or level of responsibility. Reasonable adjustments will be considered as required by the Equalities Act. The duties described in this job description must be carried out in a manner which promotes equality of opportunity, dignity and due respect for all employees and service users.

Essential educational requirements

• Relevant qualification and/or experience in one or more of the
following areas:
a) Plumbing
b) Carpentry
c) Painting/Decorating
d) Building work

• Good practical handyperson skills and knowledge to undertake
general building maintenance and minor repairs without

Essential qualifications

Qualification in Site Supervision or equivalent
• H&S qualification
• First aid trained
• 4 GCSEs or equivalent including English and Maths
• Ability to train staff
• Full driving licence

Essential skills and experience

Ability to operate site maintenance and cleaning equipment or be prepared to undertake training
Ability to work calmly and professionally and within existing policies and guidelines
Able to use software such as Word, Emails, Internet
Knowledge of Health & Safety, manual handling, COSHH and relevant legislation
Ability to carry out checks and maintain relevant and accurate records
Experience of caretaking or premises management of a building e.g. heating, lighting, security, fire safety and maintenance
Well organised and ability to manage own time effectively and establish priorities
Ability to confidently and competently apply knowledge and skills acquired from training into a practical context
Ability to contribute to management initiatives
Be able to manage the workload of others
Is able to carry out the physical tasks required such as lifting and carrying parcels/equipment
Ability to work at heights
Awareness of professionalism, confidentiality, equal

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