Specialist Teacher Lead for Complex Communication Needs Specialist Resourced Provision St Mary's Church of England Middle School, Puddletown, Dorchester, Dorset

Job description

We are looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher with current expertise and qualification in CCN/ASC or a commitment to undertake a PG Cert qualification in CCN/ASC (funded). It is an exciting time for us at St Mary’s CE Middle as we are able to offer an opportunity for a dynamic person to be involved in the development of this new resourced provision. This will be a centre of excellence for pupils with a range of more complex social communication needs, including those on the autistic continuum. This new provision is a key development of the ethos and educational philosophy of the Greenwood Tree Academy Trust. The SRP is set within the mainstream middle school and is dedicated to the educational and social development of children who have CCN.

Essential educational requirements

-Post graduate qualification in communication difficulties /autism or
commitment to undertake PG Cert qualification when in role (funded)

Essential qualifications

-Recognition of Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

-Proven teaching record
-Up to date knowledge of relevant legislation and guidance in relation to working with, and the safeguarding of,
vulnerable children and young people
-Experience of teaching pupils with SEN including those with CCN
-Knowledge of commonly used resources/programmes to support pupils with CCN
-Knowledge of inclusive approaches for pupils with CCN
-Management/leadership experience
-Ability to embrace new working practices positively, adapting to changing circumstances and priorities
-Ability to empathise and form positive relationships with pupils with CCN and their families.
-Ability to motivate and inspire others (children/young people, staff, families)
-Ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a form appropriate to the context, gaining credibility and confidence
of the range of service users
-Ability to remain calm in challenging, unpredictable situations
-Ability to be reflective and self-evaluative

Employee benefits

-Employees joining St Mary's Middle School can expect a comprehensive induction programme.

-Employees will be able to benefit from CPD opportunities bought about by close links with our academy schools in GTAT, the wider Dorchester Areas School Partnership (a network of 18 schools) and the Dorset Teaching School. We believe that all members of the school community are learners and that investment in the ongoing development of staff is a priority.

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