Subject Leader for History Witton Park Academy, Blackburn, Lancashire

Job description

To contribute to the development of a strong, effective Academy, and Trust, with an emphasis on high aspirations and attainment. Demonstrate belief in the role of the Academy, and Trust, in developing citizens for the future. Have a commitment to education and the needs and rights of all students. To develop supportive relationships with staff, parents, partner Academy’s and the broader community.

To meet the professional standards for teachers at the relevant skill level descriptor. To carry out duties of a teacher in accordance with the provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document.

Reports to: Curriculum Leader for Humanities

The Role:
To support and compliment the skills and leadership of the Curriculum Leader on raising standards of academic study in Humanities, and deliver outstanding teaching and learning.

Key Responsibilities:
Have knowledge and understanding of:
The Academy’s aims, priorities, targets and action plans
The vision to lead the personal and educational development of students across Science and communicate a clear vision for development to staff.
Support a culture and team ethic to secure at least national average progress.
Support in the assessment, recording and reporting of students’ personal and educational development in order to raise standards.
Ensure moderation and standardisation across the team to ensure consistency and accuracy in assessment.

Planning and Setting Expectations
Maintain the involvement of relevant staff, short, medium and long term plans for the development and resourcing of History which:
Contribute to whole-school aims, policies and practices including those in relation to behaviour, discipline, bullying and racial harassment.
Are based on a range of comparative information and evidence, including the attainment, behaviour and attendance of students.
Identify realistic and challenging targets for improvement.
Are understood by all those involved in putting the plans into practice.
Are clear about action to be taken, timescales and criteria for success.
Focus expectations on securing:
High levels of Academy attendance.
Positive behaviour and attitudes to school.
Continual progress in educational achievement.
Produce an annual Development Plan reflecting the main school priorities and review progress towards achieving targets throughout the year.

Teaching and Managing Student Learning

In conjunction with the Curriculum Leader ensure:
To lead the teaching and learning of an area of History so that the needs of different students are met.
Students are challenged in their lessons and that work is provided at an appropriate level for all individuals.
To lead the development of appropriate teaching and learning strategies that will raise the personal and educational achievement of individual students.
A wide-range of enrichment activities are provided to enhance the teaching of History

Assessment and Evaluation

Support in the analyse and interpret relevant national, local and Academy data, research and inspection evidence to inform policies, practices, expectations, targets and personal and educational development methods.
Maintain clear policies and practices for assessing, recording and reporting on students’ personal and educational achievement, and for using this information to recognise achievement and to assist students in setting targets for further improvement.
Ensure that information about students’ personal and educational development in previous classes is used effectively to secure good progress.

Student Achievement

Use data effectively to identify students who are under achieving and, where necessary, create and implement effective plans of action to support those students.
Use clear and appropriately challenging targets for students’ personal and educational development, and evaluate progress and achievement by all students.
In conjunction with the curriculum leader monitor the work of the History Team to ensure that students are given clear feedback and feed forwards targets to improve personal and educational development.

Relationship with Parents and the Wider Community

As appropriate liaise as appropriate with other agencies.
Develop effective links with local community groups.

Managing own Performance and Development

Model high levels of integrity and be able to maintain and develop a cohesive team based on mutual respect.
Prioritise and manage own time effectively, particularly in relation to balancing the demands made by teaching, management and involvement in school development as a middle leader.
Achieve challenging professional goals.
Take responsibility for their own professional development.
Demonstrate an awareness of national priorities and how they will impact on History

Managing and Developing Staff and other Adults

You will be expected to:
Help staff to achieve constructive working relationships with students.
Provide support to teachers and other staff in managing the individual needs of students, particularly those who do not easily gain access to the curriculum.
Develop constructive working relationships with staff, devolving responsibilities and delegating tasks, appropriately evaluating practice and developing an acceptance of accountability.

Managing Resources
Explore opportunities to develop or incorporate new resources from the wide range of sources to enrich the curriculum.

Strategic Leadership
Implement policies and practices for the Academy, which reflect the Academy’s commitment to high standards of personal and educational behaviours.

Other Professional Requirements
Attend and participate in Academy meetings.
Take an active part in the Academy’s enrichment programme.
From time to time carry out reasonable duties as requested.

This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time after consultation with the post holder. It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks but sets out the main expectations of the Academy in relation to the post holders professional responsibilities and duties.

Oct 19

Essential educational requirements

Degree in relevant subject
Teaching Qualification
Evidence of appropriate professional development.

Essential qualifications

Degree in relevant subject
Teaching Qualification

Essential skills and experience

Evidence of successful teaching of History
Relevant teaching expertise, either through employment or as a trainee teacher
Evidence of teaching in a maintained comprehensive school
Experience of working with external partners in the delivery of an enhanced curriculum

Employee benefits

TLR2b (£4704.92)

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