Teacher of Business, ICT and Computing St Patrick's RC High School and Arts College, Manchester, Greater Manchester

Job description

* Planning, Development and Co-ordination
- To set challenging teaching and learning objectives which are relevant to all students’ in their classes.
- To use teaching and learning objectives to plan lessons and sequences of lessons showing how this will assess students learning.
- To select and prepare resources, and plan for their safe and effective organisation, taking into account students’ interests and their learning needs, language and cultural backgrounds, with the help of support staff where appropriate.
- To contribute to teaching teams, meetings and events.
- To plan for the deployment of any support staff who are contributing to students’ learning.
- To plan opportunities for students to learn in out of school contexts.
- To produce long and short term planning in accordance with school policy and procedures and within required deadlines.
- To implement and review the subject development plan in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team and/or line manager.
- To develop and audit schemes of work and other documentation related to ICT and to support cross-curricular delivery including subject support for colleagues to enable curriculum requirements to be met.
- To develop strategies for the use of ICT to promote new teaching methods and improve learning throughout the school and monitor their effectiveness in raising standards of teaching and learning.
- To lead or contribute to professional development activities as part of the planned programme for the school and to promote the sharing of good practice.
- To manage the resources available for ICT and make recommendations in order to maintain and develop curriculum provision.

* Monitoring and Assessment
- To make appropriate use of the school’s monitoring and assessment strategies to evaluate students’ progress towards planned learning objectives.
- To use monitoring and assessment information to improve planning and teaching.
- To monitor and assess the effectiveness of learning activities and provide immediate and constructive feedback to support students’ as they learn.
- To involve students’ in reflecting on, evaluating and improving their own performance and progress.
- To assess students’ progress accurately against appropriate standards.
- To identify and support students’ with differing levels of ability and those experiencing behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties.
- To identify the levels of attainment for students’ learning English as an additional language and identify learning activities to provide cognitive challenge as well as language support.
- To record students’ progress and achievements systematically, providing evidence of the range of their work progress and attainment over time to inform planning.
- To report on students’ attainment to parents, carers, other professionals and students’ as appropriate.

* Teaching and Class Management
- To have high expectations of students’ and build successful relationships centred on teaching and learning.
- To establish a purposeful learning environment where diversity is valued and where students’ feel safe and secure and confident.
- To teach the required or expected knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the curriculum for students’ in their age range.
- To teach clearly structured lessons or sequences of work which interest and motivate students, make learning objectives clear, employ interactive teaching methods and collaborative group work.
- To promote active and independent learning that enables students to think for themselves and to plan and manage their own learning.
- To differentiate teaching to meet the needs of students of all ability ranges taking into account varying interests, experiences and achievements of boys and girls and different cultural and ethnic groups to help them make good progress.
- To organise and manage teaching and learning time effectively.
- To organise and manage the physical teaching space, tools, materials, texts and resources safely and effectively with the help of support staff where appropriate.
- To set high expectations for students’ behaviour and establish a clear framework for classroom discipline in line with school policy to anticipate and manage students’ behaviour constructively and promote self-control and independence.
- To use ICT effectively in delivery of teaching and learning.
- To take responsibility for teaching a class or classes over a sustained and substantial period of time. - To provide homework and other out-of-class work which consolidates and extends work carried out in the class and encourages students’ to learn independently.
- To work collaboratively with other professionals and manage the work of support staff to enhance students’ learning.
- To recognise and respond effectively to equality issues as they arise in the classroom and challenging stereotyped views, bullying and harassment in accordance with school policy and procedures.
- To be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person.
- To attend and participate in regular meetings.
- To participate in training, continuous professional development and other learning activities as required including participation in the school’s performance management arrangements.

• The above duties are not exhaustive and the postholder may be required to undertake tasks, roles and responsibilities as may be reasonably assigned to them by the Senior Leadership Team.

Essential educational requirements

Qualified Teacher Status

To hold an Honours Degree or equivalent in Business, ICT or Computing

Essential qualifications

Ability to teach Business, ICT and Computing effectively
Proven record of raising achievement for students through quality first teaching and / or intervention
Experience of participation in whole school policies
Proven skills and a positive impact of working with a wide range of students at KS3 and KS4
The ability to promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of students through teaching
Knowledge and understanding of the Business, ICT and Computing curriculum and GCSE specifications
Understanding of monitoring, review and evaluation to inform strategic planning and development
Knowledge and understanding of intervention strategies that have a positive impact on student progress and raise standards
Awareness and understanding of narrowing the ‘achievement gap’
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Good level of personal organisation skills

Essential skills and experience

Valuing Diversity - Listen, support and monitor the diverse contributions made to service development without prejudice. Challenge behaviours and processes which do not positively advance the diversity agenda whilst being prepared to accept feedback about own behaviour. Recognise people’s strengths, aspirations and abilities and help to develop their potential. Understand how Valuing Diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services and reduce disadvantage
Health and Safety - The ability to identify risk to self and others when undertaking work activities and appropriate actions needed to minimise risk
Confidentiality - To acknowledge the need to maintain confidentiality at all times and to become aware of the National, Council and school/setting policies on Confidentiality, and the management and sharing of information

About St Patrick's RC High School and Arts College

Message from Headteacher – Alison Byrne Welcome to St Patrick’s RC High School. I am proud and privileged to be the Headteacher of such a dynamic, high-achieving and forward-thinking school that puts Jesus Christ at the heart of everything we do. We are guided in our work by our strong Catholic ethos, based on the Gospel Values, which drives us to be the very best we can be, using our God-given talents and gifts. It is our mission to ensure that children experience a truly great Catholic education that enables them to flourish academically and shine personally, preparing them for a happy and successful adult life. Our school motto is, ‘amazing things happen here’ and you only have to spend five minutes in our school to realise that this is absolutely true. We have a strong and dedicated team of professionals who challenge and support students to achieve amazing things and they work hard to create an environment, built on mutual respect, whereby students rise to the challenges set for them. Not only do our team work hard to ensure students achieve great academic standards, they are also fully committed to providing educational and extra-curricular experiences that support our students’ personal and social development. Because of all the amazing things here on offer at St Patrick’s, we find that our students are mature, hard-working and happy to offer service to those less fortunate than themselves. Their conduct, high standards and caring attitudes make us incredibly proud. With a strong academic and moral education behind them, supported by our parents and carers, we find our students go on to achieve great things. Working together, we can ensure that they grow to live a happy and fulfilled life, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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