Teacher of English Holsworthy Community College, Holsworthy, Devon

Job description

There are 16 schools within The Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust. Holsworthy College is part of the Holsworthy Federation group of schools, along with Bradford, Bridgerule and Black Torrington Primary Schools.

Your main place of work will be Holsworthy Community College but you may be required to work across all the schools within The Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust at any time as directed by the Executive Team.

This job description is not a comprehensive definition of the post. Discussions will take place on a regular basis to clarify individual responsibilities within the general framework and character of the post as identified below.

Job Purpose:

To carry out the duties of a teacher as set out in the most recent School Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document. Your aim is to be an effective teacher who challenges and supports your students to do their best by:

• Inspiring trust and confidence in your students and colleagues.
• Building team commitment amongst your students and colleagues.
• Engaging and motivating students.
• Analytical thinking.
• Taking positive action to improve the quality of your students’ learning.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Maintain a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the teaching of your subject(s) and take account of wider curriculum developments which are relevant to your work.
2. Plan tutorials, lessons and sequences of lessons to meet students’ individual learning needs.
3. Use a range of appropriate strategies and follow College policies for tutoring, behaviour management and classroom management.
4. Use information about prior attainment to set well-grounded expectations for students in your teaching and tutorial groups.
5. Assess, monitor and record the progress of students in your teaching and tutorial groups; give them constructive feedback, targets and advice; and report their progress to and discuss their progress with their parents/carers.
6. Ensure that, as a result of your training and teaching, your students achieve well relative to their students’ prior attainment, making progress as good as or better than similar students nationally. You will be expected to achieve agreed performance management objectives.
7. Within the framework of the College’s Appraisal and CPD policies, take responsibility for your own professional development and use the outcomes to improve your tutoring and teaching and your students’ learning.
8. Make an active contribution to the policies, aspirations and plans of your House, of your curriculum team and of the College – a community comprehensive school.

Professional Aspiration:

All teachers through professional growth and sustained and substantial performance and contribution to the College can aspire to a salary of UPS3.

UPS3 teachers play a critical role in the life of the College. They provide a role model for teaching and learning, making a distinctive contribution to the raising of student standards and contribute effectively to the work of the wider team. They take advantage of appropriate opportunities for professional development and use outcomes effectively to improve students’ learning.

Line Management:

Teachers are responsible to their Head of Faculty or Subject Leader. Subject Leaders are responsible to their Head of Faculty. Tutors are responsible to their Head of House.

Heads of Faculty and Heads of House are responsible to nominated members of the leadership group.

Staff with Cross Curricular responsibility will report to the member of the leadership group responsible for that function and to their Head of Faculty and Head of House in respect of teaching and tutoring.

Data Protection / General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The Privacy Notice sets out our general principles in relation to Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulations.

You should also abide by all Trust policies relating to the use of data including but not limited to:

· Acceptable Use Policy
· Records Retention Policy
· Personal Data Breach Procedure
· Employee Code of Conduct
· E-safety Policy
· Social Media Policy
· Use of Personal Devices Policy

Our Privacy Notice for Employees explains how we use your personal data.

Teachers must abide by the Teachers’ Standards throughout their career. Teachers (and staff appointed under Teaching Staff Terms and Conditions) must have an understanding of, and always act within, the statutory frameworks which set out their professional duties and responsibilities.

You should note that a duty of confidentiality applies to all personal data you see prior to your first day of employment (for example, student lists for the purposes of lesson planning or other activities to support teaching and learning). This reflects the custom and practice of teachers’ contracts of employment starting on the first day of term while recognising the need to be aware of and plan to support student needs.

Essential educational requirements

Hold a degree

Essential qualifications

• Qualified Teacher Status.
• Evidence of current professional development.

Essential skills and experience

Familiarity with current educational initiatives & developments & their impact at local level.
Experience of pastoral care and tutoring.
Awareness of the importance of effective strategies to manage behaviour & support high levels of attainment throughout the College.
Able to teach English at Key Stages 3 and 4.
Able to contribute to school initiatives and be part of a well-motivated team.
Able to communicate fluently and effectively (oral & written).
Able to contribute to school initiatives and be part of a well-motivated team .
Able to develop and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, governors, parents, students, the LA & community.
Able to plan innovative and inspiring lessons to engage students in their study, providing appropriate feedback in lessons and on written assessments.
Able to follow faculty objectives and contribute to faculty and whole school development.
Able to participate in relevant extra-curricular activities.

Employee benefits

CPD Offer - Connecting Holsworthy with the best offers in the region
Holsworthy Community College (HCC) is a founding member of the Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance (TSA), one of the largest TSAs in the South West. Dartmoor TSA offers an extensive range of CPD programmes for teachers at all career stages (see www.dartmoortsa.org.uk/courses).
Dartmoor TSA works closely with two local TSAs - Exeter TSA and South TSA - in a partnership 'Teaching Schools South West' - which covers 180 schools in the greater Devon area. This enables us at HCC to achieve a close connectivity with other schools. For example, we are engaged in a SSIF 2 Project on Peer Review with 18 other secondary schools; we have Maths teachers engaged in an Outstanding Maths Teacher Programme with Craig Barton; our MFL department recently took part in a conference led by Gianfranco Conti. These are all high profile, national acclaimed programmes that through working in partnership with Dartmoor TSA we have access to.
Dartmoor TSA has excellent leadership development pathways for middle and senior leaders that dovetail with the NPQ programmes. HCC is keen to support ambitious staff to progress through these programmes.
Last year Dartmoor TSA provided training to 1100 teachers from over 100 schools; supported 26 schools through its 48 system leaders and recruited 31 trainee teachers for both primary and secondary programmes.

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