Teacher of MFL Woodchurch High School, Wirral, Merseyside

Job description

• To assist in the development of appropriate syllabuses, resources, schemes of work, marking policies and teaching strategies in the subject area.
• To contribute to the subject area’s Improvement Plan and its implementation.
• To attend all appropriate meetings.
• To plan and prepare courses and lessons.
• To contribute to the whole Academy’s planning activities.
• To teach students according to their educational needs, including the setting and marking of work to be carried out by the student in School and elsewhere.
• To assess record and report on the attendance, progress, development and attainment of students and to keep such records as are required.
• To provide, or contribute to, oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students and groups of students.
• To ensure that ICT, Literacy, Numeracy and Christian Values are reflected in the teaching/learning experience of students.
• To undertake a designated programme of teaching.
• To ensure a high quality learning experience for students which meets internal and external quality standards.
• To prepare and update subject materials.
• To use a variety of delivery methods which will stimulate learning appropriate to student needs and demands of the syllabus.
• To maintain discipline in accordance with the Academy’s procedures and to encourage good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, standards of work and homework.
• To undertake assessment of students as requested by external examination bodies, the subject area and Academy procedures.
• To mark, grade and give written/verbal and diagnostic feedback as required.

Essential educational requirements

• Degree in French/Spanish or related subject
• PGCE/QTS in Secondary phase

Essential qualifications

• Degree in French/Spanish or related subject
• PGCE/QTS in Secondary phase

Essential skills and experience

• Have a good, up-to-date knowledge and understanding of a range of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies and know how to use and adapt them, including how to personalise learning to provide opportunities for all learners to achieve their potential.
• Knowledge of effective use of MFL to deliver engaging lessons.
• Well developed IT skills to enhance teaching
• Know how to use local and national statistical information to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching, to monitor the progress of those they teach and to raise levels of attainment.
• Know how to use reports and other sources of external information related to assessment in order to provide learners with accurate and constructive feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, attainment, progress and areas for development, including action plans for improvement.

About Woodchurch High School

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