Teacher of Sociology and/or Health and Social Care Blenheim High School, Epsom, Surrey

Job description

Job Purpose:
• To ensure that all students make maximum progress. This particularly applies to pupil premium students.
• To ensure students of all ages are supported and challenged as necessary and achieve optimum levels of engagement with school life.
• To support members of the department as necessary thus ensuring that the student experience and progress is maximised.
• To help maximise student attendance by delivering creative, innovative and rewarding lessons.
• To role model excellent practices, actively encouraging other members of the department to do the same, going ‘above and beyond’, intervening with students outside the curriculum so they ‘catch up’ as quickly as possible.
• To support Heads of Year so that underachieving students have barriers removed from their learning and regularly show good learning behaviours including being properly equipped for lessons.
• To follow department and whole school protocols therefore displaying solidarity with colleagues.
• To ensure lessons are well planned and follow schemes of work with regular and consistent assessments providing students with high quality feedback where they are accountable for acting upon via DIRT marking.
• To promote a culture of shared practice in the department where resources are shared, practices are discussed and peer lesson observations take place on a regular basis; typically half termly.
• To communicate with parents on a range of issues, particularly where students are particularly over or underachieving.
• To communicate appropriate information to teaching and support staff.
• To contribute to a confidential record of issues affecting the educational progress of students.
• To be highly visible and a point of contact for students.
• To keep abreast of national developments in specifications, examination requirements and teaching processes within the Department.
• To contribute to the update of schemes of work that provide a minimum entitlement to students and also challenge them to fulfil their potential.

• To be familiar with school policies, in particular safeguarding procedures, and promote the welfare of children.

Key responsibilities:
• To advocate the place of Psychology and Sociology in the curriculum and the benefits it will provide students once they leave school.
• Ensure vulnerable and pupil premium students can succeed through differentiation and stimulating lesson delivery.
• Be a highly visible point of contact for students and families when they require assistance or information relating to the department.
• Attend department and whole staff CPD sessions and meetings as required and actively engage in them.
• Ensure school uniform is worn correctly.
• Produce internal and external reports as necessary.
• To contribute to whole school events as necessary and weekly duties.
• Communicate effectively and purposefully with parents so they are well informed.
• Promote positive attitudes to learning and behaviour for learning with vulnerable students.
• Liaise with the SEND Department to ensure students with unique needs are effectively catered for.
• Uphold and promote the values and ethos of the school.
• The post holder will be expected to run after school, each week, at least one voluntary 60 minute academic ‘clinic’ on their own subject to a group of KS4 or KS5 students as identified by the Head of Department, Deputy Head (Curriculum) or Headteacher. This clinic will be part of a wider, whole school, extended day.

Essential educational requirements

Educated to degree level or equivalent, ideally in subject area.

Essential qualifications

QTS/PGCE or equivalent teaching qualification ideally in subject area.

Essential skills and experience

The ability to ‘absorb’ the challenges of the day and still maintain high standards of professionalism.
A team player putting students first and working with colleagues efficiently and effectively; recognising the ‘greater good’.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills both orally and in writing.
A genuine interest and enjoyment in working with students, educators, schools and learning.
Ability to demonstrate flexibility and tenacity.
Confident, assertive and able to thrive in a challenging environment.
Ability to motivate pupils through a variety of methods, including competition, rewards, sanctions and the setting of SMART goals.
Ability to interpret and track student progress through the use of data.
Ability to successfully encourage students to achieve their academic and recreational potential.
Commitment to provide a supporting and challenging environment for students, particularly pupil premium students including those with Special Educational Needs.

About Blenheim High School

Comprehensive state funded academy secondary school [mixed], based in Epsom, Surrey.

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