Temporary Primary Teacher Somerby Primary School, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Job description

To teach pupils within the school and to have a positive impact on pupil progress.

Key Accountabilities:

Knowledge and understanding
• Have knowledge of and keep up to date with the Curriculum guidance for the primary National Curriculum.
• Understand how pupils’ learning is affected by their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and to understand the stages of child development.
• Be familiar with the school’s current systems and structures as outlined in policy documents, including the Health and Safety and Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.
• Understand and know how national, local comparative and school data, including National Curriculum test data can be used in professional and school development.

Planning, teaching and class management

• Plan and deliver, with regard for the school’s aims, own policies and schemes of work, the teaching programme for all children within the class, using clear differentiation.
• Provide clear structures for lessons and for sequences of lessons, which maintain pace, motivation and challenge.
• Make effective use of assessment information on pupils’ attainment and progress and in planning future lessons.
• Ensure effective teaching of whole classes, groups and individuals, establishing high expectations of behaviour and attainment, so that teaching objectives are met.
• Monitor and intervene when teaching to ensure sound learning and discipline and maintain a safe environment in which pupils feel confident.
• Be familiar with the Code of Practice and identification, assessment and support of pupils with SEN.
• Evaluate your own teaching critically to improve effectiveness.

Use a variety of teaching methods to:

• Match approach to content, structure information, present a set of key ideas and use
• appropriate vocabulary.
• Use effective questioning, listen carefully to pupils, give attention to errors and misconceptions.
• Select appropriate learning resources and develop study skills through library, ICT and other sources.
• Ensure pupils acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught.
• Evaluate their own teaching critically to improve effectiveness.

Monitoring, assessment, recording, reporting

• Assess and record each pupil’s progress systematically with reference to the school’s current practice, including the social progress of each child and use the results to inform planning.
• Mark and monitor class work and homework, providing constructive feedback and setting targets for future progress.
• Set regular, ambitious yet achievable targets for the children.
• Provide reports on individual progress to the Headteacher and parents as required.

And such other duties as are within the scope of the spirit of the job purpose, the title of the post and its grading.

Essential educational requirements

Educated to degree level

Essential qualifications

Must hold a recognised Teaching qualification e.g. BED, PGCE

Must hold Qualified Teacher status (or about to gain QTS)

Essential skills and experience

Recent Primary Teaching Experience

Excellent knowledge of the Primary Curriculum

A working knowledge of target setting and assessment for learning procedures to inform future planning, teaching and learning and in turn achieve high standards.

A working knowledge of planning and delivering a creative curriculum

Knowledge and understanding of the principles behind Safeguarding and Inclusion policies

Excellent personal organisation and interpersonal skills.

Ability to work with all members of the school team and communicate effectively.

Able to be creative and have effective learning and teaching styles to engage, motivate and enable all children to make good progress

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