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Job description

Our vision is for every student to succeed in English. All students will leave Bobby Moore Academy with high levels of literacy and able to apply their skills in the world beyond school. Students will have an appreciation of a range of literature to inspire them academically and in their own lives.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, highly skilled teacher to play a significant role in shaping our growing team. We believe that all students can succeed in English, and that the best way to ensure that this happens is through world-class teaching of both reading and writing. As a school, we have high expectations of students both in terms of academic achievement and conduct, and we have developed rigorous systems to ensure that students meet these expectations.

As a department and as a school, we place great emphasis on supporting teachers in developing their practice through mentoring, departmental co-planning and developing awareness of research and best practice. This has supported us in developing a mastery-based curriculum which also draws on research on memory and retention from cognitive science.

We have a fully-staffed and highly qualified team, with great subject expertise. We are committed to staff development, with co-planning timetabled weekly. As the team and the school grows, there will be plentiful opportunities for additional responsibility as well to develop your own practice.

We place a high value on teacher development and well-being. In addition to making staff development a cornerstone of our practice, we have a sensible and realistic approach to workload, particularly written feedback and data collection. We understand the importance of providing students with effective feedback, but we also recognise that there are many ways to do this; consequently, we give departments and staff freedom as to how they provide students with regular and effective feedback.

This is an exciting time to join us and help shape what we want t

Essential educational requirements

A good honours degree in a written subject
At least a grade B in A level English Language, English Literature or English Literature and language (or equivalent)

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

Ability to establish and maintain a calm, orderly learning environment
Experience of consistently delivering high quality lessons which ensure students achieve excellent outcomes
Excellent, thorough subject knowledge at KS3 and KS4 including relational understanding of topics
Experience of working in outstanding contexts
Skilled at planning sequences of carefully structured lessons
Ability to form effective and appropriate relationships with students that secure positive emotional health and excellent behaviour and attitudes
Commitment to evidence-informed pedagogy
Relentlessly high expectations of staff and pupils
Familiarity and comfort with recent specification changes

Employee benefits

Teachers Pension

About Bobby Moore Academy

Bobby Moore Academy is a new school with traditional values. We believe in the expertise of our teachers and the importance of disciplined behaviour and disciplined thinking in our pupils. Housed in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ours is an inspirational setting to rival any other in the country. We are looking for someone special to make a pivotal contribution to the development of our school. We are looking for someone with the drive and ambition to deliver an inspirational geography offer for our students. You will be exceptionally well-qualified and able to inspire colleagues and pupils alike. You will have the highest expectations of pupils and the highest standards for yourself and your colleagues. We are unashamedly knowledge-driven in our curricular approach. Our teachers are here to transmit their deep subject knowledge to our pupils, to enthuse them with their passion and put them on the path to university. Our pupils are here to learn. We have the highest expectations and standards of behaviour and conduct and our pupils understand that our high expectations are reflected in our high hopes for their futures. We are looking to appoint a dynamic and inspirational Geography Teacher. Any serious candidates will be committed to attaining the highest standards and will expect excellence from our pupils. Most of all, you will be genuinely inspired by the chance to put your knowledge and experience to work in a setting that’s been carefully designed and resourced to be among the best of its kind in the country.

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