Headteacher Meridian Angel Primary School, Edmonton

Job description

Shaping the Future :
Establish and implement a strategic plan that inspires and motivates all stakeholders, which ensures pupils achieve high standards and develop in all aspects of their education and also
reflects the needs of the school and its community.
Create and communicate shared values and translate the LAT vision into clear objectives that promote and sustain school improvement.
Ensure that the school moves forward to the benefit of its pupils and wider community.
Motivate and inspire stakeholders to create a strong culture of learning within an inclusive environment.

Leading Learning and Teaching
Set high expectations and challenging targets, monitoring effectiveness and evaluating outcomes in collaboration with the LAT’s Quality Assurance Consultant.
Ensure the schools focuses on pupils’ achievement, using data and benchmarks to monitor progress in every child’s learning.
Establish creative, effective approaches to learning and teaching, responsive to the needs of the pupil community.
Ensure a culture that supports and facilitates pupil engagement in, and ownership of, their own learning.
Implement strategies to secure high standards of behaviour and attendance.
Monitor, evaluate and review classroom practice and promote improvement strategies, challenging underperformance and ensuring corrective action.

Managing the Organisation
Set appropriate priorities for expenditure, allocating funds and ensuring financial control, in accordance with governing body policies.
Work with the LAT and the LAC to recruit, induct and develop high quality staff within safer recruitment guidelines.
Manage, deploy and develop staff to secure the quality of education and pupils’ achievement.
Manage and monitor use of resources in order to secure the quality of education and pupils’ achievement.
Ensure best value deployment and use of human, financial and material resources.
Manage accommodation to ensure that it meets the needs of pupils, the curriculum and health and safety regulations.
Regularly evaluate and report on the allocation of roles, responsibilities, finance and resources to ensure these underpin the best possible learning environment and highest standards.

Take responsibility for ensuring that all staff understand and follow safeguarding policies.
Ensure that all teaching and support staff are fully inducted in and made aware of the school safeguarding procedure including knowing the names of the designated CP officer (DCPO) and the Deputy DCPO.
Be responsible for monitoring that all policies and procedures are followed by all teaching and support staff.
Ensure that the designated lead for CP is given the appropriate resources to carry out the duties of that role effectively.

Developing Self and Others
Build a collaborative learning culture within the school and actively engage with other LAT schools to build effective learning communities and partnerships.
Ensure effective planning, co-ordination, support and evaluation, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities.
Develop and maintain effective strategies and procedures for the induction, professional development and performance review for all staff.
Set high expectations for all and address underperformance using the relevant process and procedures to do so.
To act as a role model for the highest professional standards.
Regularly self-evaluate, set personal targets and take responsibility for own personal professional development so as to be well equipped to deal with the increasingly complex role of leadership of the school community.
Ensure both self and others achieve an appropriate work/life balance.
Build effective professional working relationships with all staff so as to motivate them and enable them to carry out their respective roles effectively.

Securing Accountability
Be legally and contractually accountable to the LAT and LAC, and work with them to meet their responsibilities.
Develop an ethos that enable everyone to work collaboratively, share knowledge and understanding, celebrate success and accept responsibility for outcomes.
Ensure individual staff accountabilities are clearly defined, understood and agreed and are subject to rigorous review and evaluation through performance management.
Develop and present an accurate account of the school performance for a range of audiences including governors, parents and carers, the LDBS adviser, the LAT Quality Assurance officer and the CEO of the LAT. This group may also include Ofsted.

Strengthening Community
Establish strong working relationships across the school and with other LAT schools.
Co-operate and work with relevant agencies and partners to ensure the well-being of children.
Ensure learning experiences for pupils are linked and integrated with the wider community, local, national and global.
Build a school culture and curriculum that takes account of the richness and diversity of the school’ community.
Create and promote positive strategies for challenging all forms of prejudice and harassment.
Promote the concept of lifelong learning and family engagement with learning through partnership.
Manage effective relationships with all stakeholders and partners.

Essential educational requirements

Qualified Teacher Status - essential
National Professional Qualification of Headship (NPQH) - desirable
Further qualification in a related area e.g. MEd, MA - desirable

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status - essential
National Professional Qualification of Headship (NPQH) - desirable
Further qualification in a related area e.g. MEd, MA - desirable

Essential skills and experience

Substantial and successful experience in a senior leadership
role e.g. as a Headteacher, Interim Headteacher or Deputy/Assistant Headteacher.
Evidence of managing or making a substantial contribution
to the effective management of change.
Evidence of successful implementation of strategies to improve teaching and learning to raise the standards of achievement for all pupils.
Evidence of leading on key initiatives linked to school development and improvement plan priorities.
Evidence of effective teaching, assessment and target setting.
Evidence of proven involvement with the development of school assessment procedures and of supporting staff in using such procedures.
Evidence of successful improvement planning across all sectors of the school.
Evidence of understanding of school finances and financial management.
Evidence of working with parents and the community as partners in learning.

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