Teacher of Maths West Walsall E-ACT Academy, Walsall, West Midlands

Job description

Salary: Main/Upper Pay Range

Job Purpose

The teacher will:

• ensure effective learning takes place through consistent high quality teaching and innovative practice
• ensure that students taught make progress equivalent to or better than the target set on the basis of prior attainment data from KS2
• monitor student progress and put in place appropriate strategies to address underachievement of groups or individuals within the classes taught
• ensure that their interaction with students promotes the academy’s ethos, values and policies
• ensure that their interaction with students reflects the academy priorities
• ensure that lesson planning and delivery caters for the individual learning needs of the students
• contribute to curriculum development within the department
• demonstrate a commitment to their role as a form tutor
• demonstrate a contribution to the team effort within year groups and the work of the whole academy

Role within the organisation

The teacher will be:

• informed of matters regarding academy policy by senior leaders
• informed of matters regarding team policy by the Head of Department
• informed of matters regarding student support information by the SENCo
• consulted by the relevant senior leader regarding policy and practice, standards in teaching and learning and other relevant issues

The teacher will work as a member of his/her departmental and year groups to develop, monitor and evaluate policy and practice within those areas.


Impact on educational progress

For students taught by them, the teacher will:

• assess the progress of students taught according to academy and departmental team policy, keeping appropriate records, providing regular feedback (especially on how the student can improve), and encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning
• submit progress checks and assessment information to the academy database, meeting the deadlines on the academy calendar
• complete student reports meeting the deadlines in the academy calendar and ensuring that they provide an accurate record of the progress of each student
• analyse the progress of individual students and groups to identify underperformance and develop strategies to remedy it
• monitor student progress in terms of personal development and relay identified concerns to the Progress Leader
• communicate particular concerns to the Head of Department

Impact on attitudes to learning

The teacher will in their lessons:

• establish a learning culture enabling students to ask questions with confidence and take responsibility for their own learning
• demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the material so that students have confidence in them
• establish high expectations in terms of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and performance
• recognise positive performance and reward students appropriately
• complete registers every lesson, monitor attendance and punctuality of groups and individuals and take appropriate action to address any issues
• utilise to manage behaviour, following up any issues with the lowest effective response from the hierarchy of sanctions so that students know what is expected of them
• follow academy referral procedures to ensure that the Head of Department, Progress Leader or Assistant Principal are informed or involved as appropriate
• identify underperformance and establish underlying causes
• instigate strategies to address the causes of identified underperformance and monitor the effectiveness of those measures
• promote positive attitudes to learning through lesson delivery, display and all contacts with students so that our students feel safe, secure and confident
• ensure that students have an effective voice in respect of their learning

Developing and enhancing teaching practice

The teacher will deliver high quality lessons by:

• planning lessons and sequences of lessons in line with the Scheme of work and ensuring that learning is personalised to meet individual student needs so that the students are involved, stimulated and able to achieve
• communicating clear lesson objectives to the students so that they are clear about what they are doing and why
• utilising a range of appropriate teaching strategies to ensure that lessons have pace and variety
• ensuring that teaching caters for the full range of learning styles of students so that students maintain their interest throughout the lesson
• ensuring that assessment and attainment data informs teaching and that students understand how to improve and make progress
• ensuring students make appropriate and effective use of communication technologies
• taking responsibility for personal continuing professional development to ensure that knowledge and skills are kept up to date with respect to pedagogy and curriculum developments plus wider academy, local and national developments

The teacher will contribute to the high quality work of their departmental team by:

• engaging in the development of the curriculum, schemes of work, individual lesson activities
• taking part in regular curriculum review to help maintain a relevant, stimulating and innovating provision
• sharing good practice

The teacher will contribute to the high quality work of the year team by:

• engaging in the development of the tutor time curriculum, including individual tutor time activities
• taking part in regular review to help maintain a relevant tutor time provision that enhances the learning of the students and sets standards and values for the day
• participating in team self-review and improvement planning
• sharing good practice

The teacher will contribute to the high quality work of the academy by:

• representing the academy in a manner consistent with its ethos and values
• contributing to the whole academy effort to ensure that the academy is a positive and safe learning environment respected by students and all users
• maintaining high professional standards throughout the academy and contributing to the drive for continuous improvement
• contributing to whole academy policy and practice through team meetings, communication routes, development groups and consultative procedures


The teacher will:

• participate in lesson observations, book scrutiny and other measures, to monitor the delivery of learning outcomes and teaching quality and address any improvement targets identified
• participate in the performance management process, identifying personal professional development priorities that will impact on student learning and leadership capability
• participating in team self-review and improvement planning feeding into academy self-evaluation and improvement planning


The teacher is accountable for:

• the performance of students taught, reaching or exceeding the target set on the basis of prior attainment data from KS2
• care and guidance within their tutor group
• promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children that they are responsible for or come into contact with

The teacher is accountable to:

• Head of Department
• Progress Leader
• Senior Leadership Team
• Principal

Essential educational requirements


Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Essential skills and experience

Not applicable

Employee benefits


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