Teacher of RE and Citizenship or Teacher of RE and Citizenship with Head of Year Dean Trust Rose Bridge, Wigan, Greater Manchester

Job description

Job title
Teacher of Religious Education and Citizenship
Reporting to
Head of Faculty
Main purpose of job
- The post holder will be expected to teach RE and Citizenship across the full age and ability range.

Key responsibilities:
• To plan for engaging and challenging teaching and learning which enables pupils to make maximum progress.
• To set high expectations for pupils’ behaviour, establishing and maintaining a high standard of discipline through well focused teaching and through the development of positive and productive relationships
• To use a variety of teaching methods, including ICT, which sustain the momentum of pupils’ work and keep all pupils engaged. To integrate literacy, numeracy, SMSC and safeguarding into teaching and learning.
• To make effective use of assessment information to inform planning and maximise pupil progress
• To provide regular and effective feedback to pupils which helps improve learning, including classwork and homework, providing constructive oral and written feedback and setting appropriate targets to maximise pupils’ progress
• To contribute to the development of curriculum planning in the subject at Key Stages 3 and 4.
• To provide accurate and informative reports to parents during the year, including meeting with parents at Parents’ Evening
• To ensure that pupils with SEND and those who are disadvantaged are fully supported in lessons ensuring they can make maximum progress.
• To evaluate their own teaching critically and to use this to improve their effectiveness
• To attend and contribute fully to meetings and Parents’ Evenings as required and participate fully in CPD programmes
• To contribute to activities identified in the Faculty Improvement Plan and be a supportive member of the Faculty team
• To carry out the role and responsibilities of a form tutor
• To contribute to the planning and delivery of wider curricular activities

All employees have the responsibility to:
• Ensure any documentation produced is to a high standard and is in line with the brand style
• Be aware and comply with all policies and procedures relating to safeguarding, child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to the appropriate person
• Participate in training and other learning activities as required
• Participate in the school/academy Performance Management process
• Provide appropriate guidance and supervision and assist in the training and development of staff as appropriate
• To promote the area of responsibility within the school/academy and beyond
• To represent the school/academy at events as appropriate
• To support and promote the school/academy ethos
• To undertake any other duties and responsibilities as required that are covered by the general scope of the post
• To undertake any other reasonable duties at the request of the Chief Executive Officer and Headteacher

All post holders must comply with The Dean Trust professional standards for leaders and managers. The job description will be reviewed as necessary as part of the Performance Management process and is subject to modification and amendment at any time after consultation with the post holder
Should the successful applicant be a Newly Qualified Teacher, the appointment, in the first instance, would be for a period of 1 year with a review on successful completion of NQT year.

Essential educational requirements

• Degree and teaching qualification
• Qualified teacher status
• Evidence of continual professional development or further professional study

• Post Graduate qualification
• Professional qualifications eg “Leading from the Middle”

Essential qualifications

• Degree and teaching qualification
• Qualified teacher status
• Evidence of continual professional development or further professional study

• Post Graduate qualification
• Professional qualifications eg “Leading from the Middle”

Essential skills and experience

•Successful leadership of Humanities subject
•Proven excellence as a classroom teacher including teaching to GCSE level
•A recent history of a series of outstanding examination results
•Experience of extending learning beyond the classroom

Skills and Abilities
•To be able to work effectively with pupils, staff, parents and members of the community
•To be able to work as a member of a team
•To be committed to ensuring that every pupil is given the opportunity to achieve their potential and meet the high expectations set for them
•To be able to assist in the planning and organisation of school trips/visits
•Take responsibility for their own professional development and to keep up to date with research and developments in both their subject and teaching methodology.

Employee benefits

Heads of Year
TLR 2C £6,517

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