Request a Teaching Vacancies account

If you do not have a DfE Sign-in account

A DfE Sign-in account is required to list jobs for free on Teaching Vacancies.

You can request an account if you work:

  • at a state-funded school or trust in England, or
  • if you work at a local authority and list job vacancies on behalf of schools
Request a DfE Sign-in account

If you already have a DfE Sign-in account

Sign in to your account, then click 'Request access to a service'. Choose Teaching Vacancies from the list.

Your request will be sent to your organisation's nominated approver. You will informed by email when approval has been given.

If you are not yet part of an organisation, you can search by name or unique reference number (URN) and request to join.

Details of approvers within your organisation are available within DfE Sign-in if you need to contact someone regarding your request.

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