Deputy Headteacher (2 posts) Coupals Primary Academy, Haverhill, Suffolk

Job description

In your capacity as Deputy Headteacher at Coupals Primary Academy, your duties are to:

• Deputise for and professionally support the Headteacher in the leadership and management of the academy;
• Provide an outstanding professional model within the classroom;
• Assist the Headteacher in the maintenance of effective communication within the academy and with all stakeholders;
• Take the lead in designing a cohesive creative curriculum across the academy, support by rigorous and effective assessment systems;
• Develop the academy’s planned continuing professional development programme in conjunction with the Headteacher to ensure all teaching is good or better;
• Monitor the work responsibilities and impact of the Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors;
• Assist in the organisation of assemblies and lead assemblies regularly;
• Ensure that a suitable programme of extra-curricular activities is provided and monitor its impact;
• Ensure that all teachers, including supply teachers, are aware of the academy’s procedures including safeguarding procedures;
• Assist the headteacher in the effective implementation of the academy’s Appraisal Policy and undertake the role of an Appraisal team leader;
• Assist the Headteacher in planning the professional development of teachers and the organisation of INSET activities to provide support appropriate to individual needs and the needs of the academy;
• Take a leading role in the process of Self-Evaluation and Academy Improvement planning;
• Be responsible, with the Headteacher, for the induction of new members of staff including NQTs and supply teachers;
• Contribute to policy making and effective management of resources. Where necessary, assist staff in the process of reviewing and amending policy statements;
• Assist with the management of pastoral and welfare systems for all members of staff so as to create a positive and caring ethos;
• Liaise with primary and secondary schools in the pyramid with regard to curriculum issues and assessment;
• Assist in the promotion of an ethos that reflects harmony, mutual respect, and understanding;
• Be responsible, with the Headteacher, for liaising with outside agencies as appropriate;
• Help promote the good work of the academy and maintain close links with the local community
• Ensure a high standard of conduct and behaviour is promoted within the academy;
• Promote inclusion and equal opportunities within the academy;
• Support an active policy of parental involvement and assist the Headteacher in maintaining effective communication with parents;
• Play a full part in the planning and organisation of all academy functions and events;
• Adopt a leading role in the display and presentation of children’s work;
• Undertake any other duties that may be delegated by the Headteacher.

In your capacity as Curriculum leader at Coupals Primary Academy, your duties are to:

• Prepare, in consultation with the Headteacher and staff, policy documents related to the core curriculum;
• Maintain a review of these documents against requirements of the National Curriculum and current educational developments;
• Plan a sufficient level of resources needed to implement the policies related to the core curriculum; maintain these resources within budgetary limitations;
• Prepare and review with staff, the Milepost overview to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum and the skills, techniques and concepts to be developed and taught;
• Ensure that provision is made to monitor the pupils’ progress and continuity within the core curriculum;
• Assist staff with medium and short-term planning when necessary;
• Ensure the appropriate differentiation of the core curriculum to meet the needs of all levels of pupil ability;
• Support staff implementing the policy documents and scheme with advice and such practical help as may be required;
• Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the policy documents and scheme;
• Monitor children’s progress in the core curriculum;
• To exemplify a good standard of classroom practice in the core curriculum which meets the aims and objectives of the academy;
• Identify INSET opportunities in the core curriculum and to provide staff with details of these opportunities where relevant;
• Keep up-to-date with knowledge of the core curriculum;
• Ensure that whole school curriculum coverage is broad and balanced, through the monitoring of teaching and learning, and the development of the academy’s curriculum map, in line with national expectations and initiatives.

As Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead:

• Ensure that child protection policies and procedures are understood by all staff members, and are implemented correctly;
• Act as the first point of contact for staff members to raise safeguarding and child protection concerns, working closely with staff members on these matters so they understand when it is necessary to make a referral (in the absence of the Designated Safeguarding Lead);
• Refer cases of suspected child protection issues to the appropriate investigating agency, and keep detailed, accurate and secure written records of all concerns and referrals;
• Collaborate and effectively implement child protection plans;
• Represent the school at meetings and circulate the information to staff members when required;
• Continuously keep the headteacher informed of any safeguarding issues or ongoing enquiries, and update the governing body regularly;
• Undertake training and updates on an annual basis, including child protection and safeguarding training at least every two years;
• Keep staff members up-to-date with guidance regarding safeguarding and LAC, and provide support with child protection issues, such as radicalisation;
• Ensure staff members are aware of the training opportunities available to them;
• Provide comprehensive induction training to new staff and newly qualified teachers with the aim to strengthen their safeguarding skills and experience;
• Conduct safeguarding training as part of all staff members’ induction programme.

Teaching, Learning and Organisation:

• In consultation with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, to plan, design and produce teaching materials and resources which are appropriate to age and ability and are in accordance with the Academy Development Plan;
• In accordance with scheme of work, plan, deliver and review lessons which are appropriate to the age and ability of the students so as to facilitate progression in students’ learning.
• Assess, record and report on the development, progress and attainment of the students assigned to him or her within the Academy guidelines.
• Manage the classroom and teaching equipment so as to create a positive learning environment which makes effective use of available resources.
• Attend meetings, carry out administrative tasks and duties as specified in the Staff Handbook.
• Provide and facilitate the general progress and well-being of any individual student within any group of students assigned to him or her, providing guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters.
• Implement the Academy policy with regard to registration, student absence, dress code and enforce Academy rules relating to behaviour and health and safety.
• Participate in full staff and, where appropriate, team meetings and to contribute to Academy decision making and consultation procedures.
• Be involved in the Academy Performance Management process, to engage in professional development activities so as to enhance personal performance, fulfil personal potential and be able to participate effectively in the implementation of the Academy’s goals and Development Plan.

Leadership and Management of Key Stage 2:

• Take responsibility for all teaching staff and curriculum support staff within Key Stage 2, securing high-quality teaching, effective use of resources and improved standards of learning and achievement for all pupils.
• Monitoring the quality of learning in Key Stage2 by leading learning walks, pupil perceptions, work scrutiny alongside relevant subject leaders and completing formal lesson observations.
• Monitor the progress of pupils in Key Stage 2 (with the Headteacher) and, in accordance with the SLT and SENDCo, identify appropriate interventions to narrow gaps in achievement.
• Be willing to model good practice across Key Stage 2 and to coach staff to help improve and develop teaching.
• Mentor new staff within the Key Stage to ensure school policies are adhered to.
• Lead on providing effective and strong support for all learners, developing strategies to raise the self-esteem and aspirations of learners, and on agreed whole-school responsibilities.
• Implement and review the curriculum and its assessment alongside the Headteacher and review the effectiveness of curriculum policies.
• Plan, allocate, support and evaluate the work undertaken by Key Stage 2, relevant working groups and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and responsibilities.
• Liaise with the Headteacher to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and standards of learning and achievement for all pupils in Key Stage 2, including those with additional learning needs.
• Ensure that parents, learners and other relevant members of staff are well-informed about attainment and progress.
• Lead processes for identifying and supporting vulnerable learners and those with behavioural difficulties, ensuring appropriate support and intervention.
• Ensure curriculum and key stage arrangements maximise pupils’ access, choice and opportunities, and teaching and learning strategies are adapted to support pupils where necessary.
• Lead appraisals for support staff as required.

Additional areas of responsibility with Deputy Head role:

• Raising Standards (Overseeing the implementation of interventions across the school including PiXL)
• Early Career Development (Supporting our Early Career teachers in their successful development)
• Research and Implementation Lead (Supporting the schools use of Research and successful implementation of it)
• Transition for pupils from KS2 to Secondary School

Essential educational requirements

Evidence of commitment to own professional development

Essential qualifications

Recognised QTS

Essential skills and experience

Knowledge and experience of teaching relevant Key Stages
Excellent classroom teacher with a proven commitment to improving the quality of children’s learning
Knowledge and experience of School Development Planning and Curriculum Planning
Evidence of successful leadership of Maths, English or Science
Experience and knowledge of managing challenging behaviour
Experience of monitoring teaching and learning
Understanding the importance of using data to raise standards
Evidence of successfully mentoring or providing general pastoral support to colleagues.
Commitment to the safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people
Ability to motivate and lead a team with sensitivity and energy
Ability to communicate effectively, both written and oral, with a wide range of people
Skill at managing change
Proven success in working with children across a range of age and ability.

Employee benefits

We can offer:
• Fantastically behaved and hardworking pupils
• A wide range of CPD opportunities (in school and through the Suffolk Borders Teaching Alliance)
• A supportive working environment -A great team to be a part of
• A teacher iPad (and the opportunity to be part of an exciting approach to educational technology)
• A well-resourced school
• A range of development opportunities for both teaching and leadership
• The opportunity to be part of and learn from an excellent senior leadership team

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