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Job description

The responsibilities specified in the following job description are in accordance with those specified in the School Teacher’s Pay and Conditions Document. The post holder will be expected to manage all aspects of their role within the overall aims of the Ambitions Academies Trust, and establish and maintain the highest quality teaching and learning.
Responsible for the education and welfare of designated classes/groups of pupils at the direction
of the SLT, in accordance with the requirements of the Conditions of Employment of School Teachers. To have due regard for the requirements of the National Curriculum, this Academy’s aims, objectives and schemes of work and the policies drawn up by Ambitions Advisory Committee (AAC), as well as contributing to the ethos of the Academy.
Plan and prepare courses and lessons as required, following the school curriculum.
Teach, according to their educational needs, the pupils assigned to you, including the setting and marking of work carried out by the pupil in school and elsewhere.
Assess, record and report on the development, progress and attainment of pupils where appropriate.
Promote the general progress and well-being of individual pupils and any class or group assigned.
Provide guidance, advice and support to pupils on educational, social and emotional matters and make relevant records and reports on personal and social needs when necessary (including further education and future careers).
Communicate and consult with the parents of pupils and with AAC. Communicate and co-operate with persons or bodies outside the Academy where appropriate.
Participate in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above.
Participate in arrangements made for the appraisal of performance for yourself and that of other teachers.
Perform particular duties as may be reasonably assigned to you by the Principal/Vice Principal from time to time.
Provide or contribute to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual pupils and groups where appropriate.
Review, from time to time, your methods of teaching and programmes of work with the Academy’s Principal and/or Vice Principal.
Participate in arrangements for your further training and professional development as a teacher, and to share these experiences with colleagues, both informally and at staff meetings.
In the case of a teacher serving an induction period pursuant to the Induction regulations, participating in arrangements for their supervision or training
Advise and co-operate with the Principal, Vice Principal, Assistant Vice Principal and other teachers (or any one or more of them) in preparing and developing whole school courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programmes, methods of teaching and assessment and pastoral arrangements.
Maintain good order and discipline among the pupils you are teaching, and share in the corporate responsibility for the well-being and behaviour of all pupils in school.
Safeguard the pupils’ and your own safety, both when authorised to be on the Campus premises and when you are engaged in authorised Academy activities elsewhere.
Participate in meetings, including preparation and delivery of reports, at the Campus which relate to the curriculum or to administration and organisation, including pastoral arrangements.
Supervising and, so far as practicable, teaching any pupils whose teacher is not available to teach them.
Participating in arrangements for preparing pupils for external examinations, assessing pupils for the purposes of such examinations and recording and reporting such assessments; and participating in arrangements for pupils’ presentation for, and conducting such examinations.
Contribute to the selection for appointment and professional development of other teachers and support staff, including the induction and assessment of new teachers and teachers serving induction periods.
Assist the Principal in carrying out threshold assessments of other teachers for whom you have management responsibilities.
Co-ordinate or manage the work of other staff.
Take such part as may be required in the review, development and management of activities relating to the curriculum, organisation and pastoral functions of the Academy.
Participate in administrative and organisational tasks related to such duties as are described above, including the direction or supervision of persons providing support for the teachers in the Academy.
Attend assemblies and/or acts of corporate school worship, as required.
Mark form registers, ensuring absences or lateness are noted and appropriate action taken where there are concerns.
Assist in the supervision of pupils, whether these duties are performed before, during or after school sessions.
Comply with, promote and act in accordance with all Trust and Academy policies.
Comply with data protection legislation and expectations of confidentiality. Any issues or breaches to be reported to the Trust Business Director at the earliest opportunity.
To promote and support Ambitions Academy Trust’s culture of “High Expectations for All” and encourage staff and students to follow this example.
To promote and safeguard the welfare of pupils in your care or that you come into contact with in accordance with the Trust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.
To be responsible for complying with health and safety legislation and guidance. Any issues or breaches to be reported to the Trust Estates Director immediately.
To maintain consistent working relationship with colleagues, supporting them in line with your role and responsibilities.
To keep colleagues informed about aspects or your work and schedule which may affect the support you can give them.
To develop your effectiveness by up-dating your knowledge and skills, seeking and taking account of constructive feedback on your performance, making effective use of the development opportunities made available to you.
To identify and agree personal development objectives with your line manager.
To be courteous to colleagues and provide a welcoming environment to visitors.
Career/Salary Progression linked to this post
In accordance with the provision of the Performance Management Policy and Pay Policy there will be an annual review of the performance of the teacher taking into account the performance management objectives.
The outcomes of the annual performance management review will be considered and may inform the pay review.
All staff are allocated to a place of work, however, Tregonwell Academy reserves the right to require staff to support the needs of our pupils throughout the Academy as appropriate and also subject to the needs of the Academy in consultation with the post holder. This may involve re-location. This is not anticipated to be frequent or indeed regular but you should be aware of this requirement. You will, of course, be supported by other members of staff.
This clause does not apply if you were employed prior to the establishment of the Federation on 1st April, 2006.
Performance Management will be carried out on an annual basis and be related to the responsibilities outlined on the job description.
The Teacher will be provided with induction support covering the basics of the job and the context of the work. If appropriate this may be followed by attendance at a structured formal induction course.
The Teacher will be provided with a school mentor/ line manager or other experienced staff member who can be consulted for guidance.
The Performance Management meeting will evaluate achievements agree areas for development, set appropriate targets and examine potential training, requirements, changes and actions to be taken.

Essential educational requirements

Bachelor of Education

Essential qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status or Newly Qualified Teacher

Essential skills and experience

Evidence of relevant in-service training, Sound understanding of pedagogical best practice, understanding of child development and pupil progress, understanding of assessment, recording and reporting. Sound knowledge and understanding of current educational developments and legislation, including Curriculum best practice. Experience working within a classroom. Evidence of innovative and successful pedagogical approaches. Experience of working with children who present with SEND. Strong curriculum, communication and interpersonal skills. An excellent ability to empower, motivate and enable pupils and staff through effective planning and delegation. The ability to use ICT. Be able to consistently demonstrate high-expectations, with compassion. Be able to demonstrate empathy, understanding and resilience. Be able to be respectful to all people at all times.

Employee benefits

SEN 1 Allowance - £2,191
MDSA - £1,607

About Tregonwell Academy

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